Is It Worth the Risk?

February 20, 2012
By SoDerpy BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
SoDerpy BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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Many drivers these days think the streets are very safe to drive on. That is a false statement. The roads are not safe, nor should they never be thought of as safe. Drunk teens are driving around in metal killing machines every day. People like them are what make you have to drive like the unexpected about to happen. Teenagers drinking and driving is a danger that should be put to a stop, if not lessened.

Drivers of younger ages are in deep water when it comes to driving. According to Dangers, car crashes are the leading cause of death among people ages 15 to 20. About 1,900 people under 21 die every year from car crashes involving underage drinking. Those young people could be your children, all dying by these underage drinkers.

Many and most accidents do not go unpunished for the innocent. A Young teen by the name of Rachel Elliott was 18 and loved to spend time with friends and also dancing. She loved to have a good time. It all ended though, when she was killed by an under aged drunk driver. Rachel’s mother, Jill, tearfully said, outside the courtroom that nothing can bring Rachel back. She also stated that she doesn’t think you can ever have closure when your daughter is violently killed. No person should have to go under the depression that follows after losing a dear person.

Teens also do not want to have to carry the burden that they killed there best friend. It was an unfortunate day for 18 year old Jessica Rasdall. ABC News says that less than an hour later, Gorman was dead. And her best friend [Jessica Rasdall] would be charged with killing her.

The most dangerous drinking drivers are the young teens because their driving skills are more impaired than those of legal drinking ages. Dangers states that young people are more suspectable to alcohol-induced impairment of their driving skills. Drinking aged 16 to 20 are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal crash as drinking drivers who are 21 and older.

Everyone can help put a stop to this. Everyone needs to stress raising the drinking age higher than 21. Companies should indulge in creating more commercials about the tragedies of others who were either killed or hurt and permanently damaged for life. People need to share stories of lost loved ones. Doing this will save thousands of lives a year. Do you really want to risk losing someone you care about?

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