you found the comfort

February 6, 2012
Where’s the help when you need it the most? It’s not always there, when you need that one person who’s never there. Where’s the help when you’re crying by yourself in the mix of a dark, alone world, when the only comfort is a single stuffed teddy bear that’s missing an eye? It’s simply not there….so you find the mixed comfort in the sleek, shiny blade of a razor. As the thought races through your mind of the blade sliding across your leg skin, makes the skin itch with anticipation, for the touch of the cool metal to glide against the skin. As you pick up the blade that will make you feel again you see a slight reflection of yourself, you see the tear that slides down your face, the tear from the loneness, alone suffrage, the pain you wish you felt as your body went numb long ago. You close your eyes because you hate what you see, as you grip the blade in your hand not flinching as the warm, scarlet blood drips lightly from your hand. The tears finally stop as the blade reaches skin of the leg, as the stress drips out, you feel again the pain everyone craves to feel to make sure they are still alive, not a waste of space that everyone drives to live. The pain seeps through your leg as you feel again. So in the end you found the pain that makes you feel alive but the feelings are mixed as the scarlet runs down your leg and hand. You fi8nally found the feeling of comfort that drove you to this and you are finally happy…

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