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February 7, 2012
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I too have watched the State of the Union Address, and in response to my good friend Nate W. I would just like to make my case and arguments: first, is America really prepared to handle dissolving its globalization efforts and start to walk a path more inclined to isolationism, and two, how will Obama keep this promise?

Of my first case, you do realize that America has spread its hand over the entire world, whether that be for good or for evil, but in the end, we’re everywhere: military bases, research facilities, sweat shops. Heck, we’re probably the only nation to have some form of colony on Antarctica (seeing as people just can’t get enough of penguins). We consume oil from the Middle East at a rate worthy of Thor devouring mutton, most of our products (all of them if you shop at Wal-Mart) are made in China, we outsource India in particular, and we have plenty of things made in Mexico for us. As much as I love the idea, I don’t see how we can manage just to pull our jobs back to America. Our system and the world economy is so heavy and fragile, it would be like knocking support pillars out from underneath the freeway: it would crumble.

Assume we manage just to deglobalize in China. For one Wal-Mart would go out of business, which is no problem for me, since I shop more at Target when I’m bored, but I digress. China’s economy is as much of part of the world’s as our own, so cause and effect: China, the world’s largest nation, collapses, their wares don’t sell, people from all over the world, in example Britain, have no more cheap and plentiful import, nor will many of the other countries Europe. The least China would do is probably be declaring war on us. I have yet to see the UN really try to aid the USA, which is why we call the War in Iraq a “military police action,” but that is another debate.

The fact is that most of these countries need the import from China because not enough of them manage to make their own wares. Some countries don’t even have their own export, let alone try to let them fend for themselves. As much as all this backhanded crazy twisted cycle of getting in debt to China and continually buying their wares gets me, it’s got to continue until the nation’s generation has strong enough legs to stand on and we won’t have to worry about any backlash from either China or the UN. I love the idea of the USA blocking outside aid until we can fix our own problems, but the people just aren’t ready for the good Samaritan to heal himself first before handing out free alms to those who want to beat him over the head with a stick.

Second issue, and biggest one: How exactly does our dear President plan to bring back all jobs to the USA? I heard tax deductions and tax raises, things that stunk of tariffs, and it was a very pretty dream, and yes, I too agree with the Democratic liberal who spouts conservative jargon. However, in this case I won’t believe until I see.

Like I previously stated, we aren’t ready to follow an isolationist path, even though it worked great during the American Imperialist Age and the immediate after World War I. Once America was tied to the UN, we worked globalization until it was assimilated right into our economy’s bones. Believe you me, it is very hard to separate ligaments from bone tissue without breaking one of them.

So, back to Obama. How exactly does Mr. President plan on bringing jobs back to the USA in the small term he has left? Only one of the four voices in my head says he can do it if the executive branch and the legislative decide to collaborate with 100% efficiency. Let’s face it, like any machine, the nicest only have around a 30% efficiency, and in some cases these two branches have even less than that. Now Obama has satisfied the Republicans and the conservatives, now he has to bring what is due to the table, and basically to keep all the votes in the Senate and the House, he must balance catering to the conservative creed and still living by liberal law. So, bringing jobs to America, tax reduction, and somehow it will work for controlling the economy: sounds like a possible task. It’s times like these when you wish you supported Mike Huckabee. At least he had Chuck Norris on his side.

So first, let’s go with what effect this will have on the green of America. More workers probably equals more factories. More factories equal more pollution. Environmentalists, who are stereotyped usually as liberals, dislike this on Facebook. Why would they support that in their mind. Also, liberals like their control over the economy and their taxes as if they were pets. Tax reductions also usually make them unhappy, since their philosophy is “Need more spending money? Raise the taxes!” America is losing green, both in paper back and in organic material, as it is already, why should we bring possible pollution over here? Idealistically we would just put American workers in China, but I think foreign affairs and the social workers would be screaming bloody murder over it, so realistically, it’s us or them.

Also Obama has promised us many things in his presidency term: economic relief, change, take soldiers out of the Middle East, law and order for all. So far, our debt has piled up, not much has changed in our daily lives except more rules overall it seems, soldiers are out of Iraq and now in Iran, and law and order extends to our borders and the ocean, where the law is eat or be eaten and the order is bigger is better. My confidence in Obama is really not that high. He has definitely greyed, that’s all for change.

So in essence, his policy ideas are good, his ideas of executing them are fair and decent, but the big question is, can Obama transfer this from paper to reality?

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