Grandpa Wall

February 10, 2012
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We would make a drive up to the house that my Grandpa and Grandma lived in. Before we would go in we could see them through the big glass window in the front of their house. I can still imagine my grandpa sitting in his old blue recliner eating popcorn and watching the National News. His cat Sasha, the one I got for him a couple Christmas’s ago lying on his shoulder “taking care of Papa.” I would walk in and my Grandma would attack me at the door with the biggest hug imaginable, and say how tall I have gotten. I would walk in to the living room and say “Hi handsome!” and just watch my grandfather smile. He would shake my hand with his HUGE hands, and give me the old wink with his left eye like always.

He loved his National News like no one could ever imagine. He would tell us that he is going to go walk up to town and get the mail. He loved walking especially after his heart attack. “Watch what you want now but when I get back we are going to watch the Doctor on CNN!” He loved watching the doctor on CNN, he watched it religiously. He would ask me “You plan on going fishing Chris?” “Hell yes I plan on going fishing this weekend Grandpa, I’m your grandson, I love to fish! Do you want to join?” After his heart attack he really didn’t fish that much, but when I would go to the lake he would surprise me by walking down to the lake to see what I have got. “Hell them are keepers!” He would say, then of course he would follow up with a wink after that.

It seemed like my grandfather was always talking to someone. No matter where we were or who it was with he would find a way to strike up a conversation with. I loved watching him talk to people, he would always say “This is my Grandson, he’s a Cornhusker!” Even though I hate the Huskers, I didn’t say anything. It always made me laugh when someone started talking about politics though. Harold was a full blooded Republican and could out argue anyone in the world.

My grandpa was neither poor nor rich. He loved to save money more than anything I could imagine. When we would go shopping we would have to stop at three groceries stores just to get the best “deals.” It was not easy shopping with him, I remember he told me to go to the end of the aisle and wait for him because he kept backing in to me with his cart. I bet growing up with ten brothers and sisters I know where he came up with his penny-pinching ways.

I miss him a lot, but remembering all of the memories that I have had makes it easier. Those memories are what get me through those “days.” I can’t wait to see him in heaven, I remember before he past, he told me, “Look at that lot for my burial, its perfect! I got a tree for shade, and a perfect spot to through out my fishing line and enjoy the view of the lake!” Maybe when I go up to Heaven ill just have to bring an extra fishing pole and we can fish together like the old days.

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