January 31, 2012
By Nikkil50 SILVER, Roselle, Illinois
Nikkil50 SILVER, Roselle, Illinois
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Confidence is in all of us. Some of us show it , some of us hide it. For some it will always be hidden. We might be confident in front of a mirror, but as we stand up in front of an audience we realize we do not have as much confidence as the next person. We know what we are going to say, but when it is time to say it our mind goes blank. As everything else in life you have to learn how to be confident. Some of us master it , but some of us struggle through life without a bit of confidence. Confidence is what makes people listen to you. Hear you . Respect you. Its all because if you have confidence you seem to know what you are talking about. Which, as we know , is not always true. Yet if someone has confidence we listen to them more. Pay attention to them more. Ask for more information from them. This is all because they seem more intellectual than us. Confidence can fool people. Just because the speaker has confidence in what he is say does not mean that it is fully true. No one can change your confidence , but you.

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