The revolution

February 5, 2012
By Anonymous

He was shot because he wanted out of the gang.
He killed himself because he wanted to find peace.
She cut herself because she wanted to find beauty in her blood.
She stops eating so maybe she could reach the perfect size. Which is bones and skin.
He took the steroids to be the big guy that every coach wanted.
He beat up a random person to make the angry in his heart go away.

The extremes teens go to now a days to reach perfection, peace, happiness, or a new sense of being. I just want society to see what I see when I look at the world. I see beauty growing inside every girl. I see a big man inside every boy. When I look into the eyes of those who have had rough life I see a calm coming after their rough storm. When I see the loyalty in the hearts of the lost kids in gangs, i see they want their loyalty to something bigger than the gang leader. When I see the cuts running up the arms of many, I see the scar tissue of something deeper, and soon they will be heal, but even this will take sometime. When I see someone getting jumped by teens, I see the anger in their eyes are not toward the figure that they at beating but the anger is towards someone or something bigger. Outside of the picture. When feel someone on the verge of breaking, what can I do to stop it. With making them seem crazy, or that they need to be on medication. 
I really want to change this chaotic world I am living in, but I can't change it by myself. I can't stop every drive by, every suicide, every razor to the skin, every anorexic, every steroid injection or intake, nor can I stop every mobbing. I can't stop every murder, every school shooting, every diseases outbreak that kills thousands or more, I just can't stop every bad thing that happens no matter how big or small.  I need every being on this planet. Every boy no matter how young or old. Every girl no matter how old or young. 

EVERYONE, no matter if you know them or if they are strangers. If you dislike them or love them to death. We must  form bonds to help everyone, because everyone has suffered through one of these problems, by themselves, with others, or for others. I just hope my message passes on to those of my generation and those behind mine. 

The author's comments:
I wrote this so maybe the world can see it and help change it

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