What Was I Thinking?

March 26, 2008
By gabby b, San Antonio, TX

what was i thinking?! am i really that naive to fall for something that was never there? lies, sweet talking, backstabbing, cheating! how did i not catch that?! how could i be so vulnerable as to let that happen to me?! the truth was that i did know but the knowledge itself could not surpass those hypnotizing eyes, sun tanned skin, and flawless personality. i knew he couldn't be perfect. no one is perfect!! but i wanted to believe he was so i put aside my instincts and replaced them with pathetic hopes and childish feelings. i fell in love, not with that boy, but with the person i had created with my passion and longing for that special someone. yet it somehow came as a shock to me when everything began to go bad. salty droplets rolled down tear-stained cheeks as the truth began to pour out. we were done. game over. but he didn't play me, i played myself.

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