Battle of Truth

February 13, 2008
By Ethan Adler, Stewartville, MN

Ty rolled away, sprang to his feet and counterattacked by lunging at me before I had time to get to my feet. The momentum behind the lung threw my back into the solid metal bed frame. “Ow that hurt”, was my only thought I had as I slid to the floor.
Only a half hour before this I was sitting at the breakfast table and would never had guessed that I would be soon fighting a bloody war against my brother. Just five minutes ago I was working with my brother to organize the room, but now he was an opponent that I was willing take down no matter what the cost. We were both politicians sure that we were right, and couldn’t understand why the other was being so stubborn when they were obviously wrong.
Ty tried to jump to his feet but I kicked his shins; returning him to the tile floor were he had sent me. After over an hour of hard core full out fighting, we crawled to opposite sides of the room and stared at each other. Silence controlled the whole room except for the heavy breathing of the two bruised brothers.
“Hey, Ty what were we fighting about”
“I don’t know Ethan”
“Well, then it must of not been important”, I knew the room was laughing at our stupidity, because I could almost make out the words “you’re stupid” when I looked at all the work we had done before the fight. Then I compared it to the room after the fight I realized that there really was no difference
“Ethan what are you doing?” was a question that was half said and half mumbled out of Ty’s mouth.
“I’m using the top of your dresser that you gave to me a week ago.”
“Ethan I never gave you the top of my dresser”
“Yes you did!”
“No I didn’t!”. My rage from the first fight started to come back to me because I knew that in a round about way Ty was calling me a liar. We were both on our feet and, within no time at all the two war machines were engaged in combat again. We grappled each other and Ty threw me left and I threw him right. Ty was greeted by the floor on the left shoulder and I on the right. As the battle of truth continued my eyes stared off to the three bulb lamp at the corner of the room. It never added more or gave off less light. Making the room a place where time has no effect; where we felt like we had always been fighting and always would be. I came too reality to late for I saw tile only six inches from my head then BANG. I forgot what was happening, until pain shot lightning bolts through my body from my upper right shoulder. Ty was on my back and was squeezing the life out of me. He then asked the wrong question
“Do you surrender?” This question made my mind mad and it rattled of why I was never going to give in no matter what.
“I will never give up, you gave the dresser to me, I will never surrender to the wrong. I will never allow myself to be beaten into what you want me to be. I will never give up… so bring it!”
This is what I wanted to shout to the world but only the word
“never!” escaped my lips. The motivation from my mind plus the body’s desire to get rid of the pain allowed me to throw my back backwards. Ty was launched into the dresser he longed to keep and fell to the ground. He quickly got up as his native ancestors would have and jumped towards my chest. In order to prevent the one that had given it pain from returning, my right hand jumped to his neck and threw him at his bed. Again Ty jumped as a cougar, but for the last time that day, for my right leg thrusted its self as a spear. To send him back from whence he came, and indeed he did go back. His back hit his bed post and less then a second later his head did also. I jumped on him expecting the cougar to arise ounce again but it never did.
My brother arose again but not to fight for, his will to fight had been beaten out of him, “get off me Ethan, you can have the stupid dresser if you want it that bad.” I wanted to tell him it was the fact that he said I lied that I fought him. It wasn’t about the dresser at all. Ty stomped out of the room, leaving me alone in was once a room but was now a battle field. I crawled to the closet wall and just laid there exhausted. My body was sure to tell me about all the pain it was feeling because of my stubborn head. I then had a thought; this was the first time that I ever opposed stood up for what I knew was right even when someone else said I was wrong. Eight years later, I now see the more important thing about this fight; it was when I started to change into me, as individual that stands for what he knows is true.

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