It Was a Hot Summer Day

February 12, 2008
It was a hot summer day; Maxie was trotting around with me in the saddle. He constantly tried hard to get away. I needed t be in a round pen. I knew that.
Someone came up and told me to go on forest service. Telling me it was not wise to be around the dogs on someone else’s property. I knew it was the only place that I was safe on an unbroken horse. But I went there anyways.
I was terrified that the horse would get hurt in the long grass. I would never know what is in the sea of wind swept grass. Never know what distracted me.
I looked around; Maxie was finally turning and doing what I want. I let him go in a straight line. I got lost in thought. I will never do that again.
Suddenly we stopped. He turned. I went to the left while he went to the right.
I should have let go of the long leather reigns.
On the ground, hit my head, everything went black. I still, today, do not know exactly what happened. I know he stood there looking at me. When I moved he started to run, taking me with him. I was suddenly underneath him. A two ton horse overtop of me. The first thought since it happened, oh s***. I knew he would step on me, there was no way he could keep going and not. Not at the speed he was going. Suddenly it happened. He stepped on the right of my pelvis. I couldn’t move.
I screamed. I couldn’t do anything else. Everything hurt. The point of impact was shooting pain through my entire body. I thought I would die.
Then it occurred to me. Damn it, I thought, I am going to be stuck in bed for the net six months, never going to get to ride again. No motorcycles, no ATV’s, no nothing. Not even a stupid bike. That is what scared me, not being able to be with my horse, not to be able to spend every minute possible with him. All because of this one God-forsaken horse.
Suddenly, my name was being called. My sister. Finally I could relax and curl up in pain. The horse sat there the whole time, staring at me curiously. Curse him.
I lay there, curled in pain, everyone was there.
I got home; a doctor came to see me. Finally I heard that I would not have anything more than a large bruise.
I cried in relief. I would be okay.
I got lucky.

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