An Unbelievable Strength

February 12, 2008
By Rebecca Staub, Middletown, DE

Have there been times when you sat back and thought about the less fortunate population in our growing society? What about those people who just give up? If you were in their situation, what would you do? Life can be hard sometimes. Yeah!!! Maybe you are successful and have all that you need. But just think about those who didn’t. Well there is one person who rose above the hurt and the pain. Life just threw things right in her face. But she remained standing. Mrs. Mitchell is to whom this is about. Growing up, for her, life was tough. But she got through it. Mrs. Mitchell turned her life around. This event changed her life….

As a child, life wasn’t perfect. The times were tough for her and her family. I’m sure you could empathize. She never had real support from her family. However, she did well in school. Determined to do right, she knew getting her education was an important piece of the puzzle. Trouble with her sisters and mother; have left permanent scars on the inside. Many of those unfortunate souls, who went through this as well, know how hard it is. Maybe you are in denial. But you know who YOU are!! Those scars will never go away but, she buried them deep inside and moved forward. She learned that putting the pain in her pockets, would be more beneficial to herself.

Mrs. Mitchell’s teen years weren’t any better. No support and a terrifying place to have to live in make it worse. Slowly working her way up to High school was a difficult feat. And somehow, she made it through. This is more then her mother could say. But she never rubbed it in. Going into college she decided she wanted to help people and learn about their behaviors. This is around the time she got married and had already moved out of her mother’s house. Her financial status wasn’t pretty; however, she had full support from Duane, her husband. Then something happened that could have pulled her straight down. It was believed that she had gotten cancer. What a shock!!! Now try and think about her situation. Unbelievable, right?? After going so far and getting news like that.
Well, anyways…Not knowing what to do, she decided to tell her mother. Her mother never answered the phone, so she left a message. Never a call back. Isn’t that terrible??
But suddenly after quite a bit of time, the doctor had excellent news. It was a false alarm.
She decided to spread the word to her family. But no one really cared.

How bad would that make you feel??? Well, she didn’t expect much from her mother, but it would have been nice to receive some concern. After that she decided to avoid her family for good. Getting employed in a nearby High school, she taught Geography and Psychology. As Mrs. Mitchell was constantly thinking of others, she helped as many students as she could. To this day she is still helping the student’s who have no one else.
Recently she had a really sad student come in. Isolated from the world, this child seemed lost for good. Taking the time to figure out the problem, she learned quite a bit when the student opened up. The student, Rebecca, was able to talk to her teacher and let some feelings out. Mrs. Mitchell changed this student’s life. Rebecca is moving forward thanks to the kindness of just one voice. That voice is Mrs. Mitchell’s.

Many lessons were learned from her past and present. She realized that there is a difference to forgiving and forgetting. To forgive is to let the pain go, but not forget. “By holding on to the pain you give the other person power” she would say. Yeah, her life was tough, and the things that happened shouldn’t have occurred. But she has learned quite a lot from her experiences. And she is able to spread her wisdom to others of the next generation. Do you think that you would have been able to survive? Well let’s pray that you learned something from this individual. Take what you have learned and move on!! Just like Mrs. Mitchell did…

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