Relaxed Writing Results

February 8, 2008
By Anthony DeFlorio, Pittsfield, NH

As Miss. Plante narrates a relaxed situation to all of us students, I find it very hard to follow the directions being communicated. She tells us to be relaxed, starting with our toes and working through our ankles, into our legs and eventually reaching the torso. Eventually your whole body is supposed to go through this ‘transformation’ from chipper to relaxed and serene. In my point of view, it closely resembled something of hypnosis; maybe not as deep though.
The trouble I experienced following these step-by-step relaxation directions was the result of too much brain activity. When trying to calm my thoughts and nerves, I find myself constantly thinking and new images of events throughout the day enter my mind’s visual portal. This also happens when I’m reading books I have zero interest in. More then sometimes, I have to re-read the few paragraphs I totally toned out on.
After our supposed relaxation state occurs, we, as a class were told to visualize a street. We are told any street works. But soon we find out this street has trees. Now isn’t that a little contradictory? Not all streets have trees. Therefore, not all streets would work. Even deeper into this trance, we find out the street has buildings near-by! I was trying my best to fill the imaginatory request filed by Miss Plante, but when I found out these few details about my street, I was not pleased. I was picturing a street in the middle of the desert. There are no trees in this desert. There are also no buildings. What happened in my head when we received our next set of directions compares to a computer error. Like, when you try to run a program, but there are files missing, a petite message pops up and lets you know. Since the next direction told us to think about what we were going to do in this building and who we’ll talk to (there aren’t many people in the desert either), my mind had given up. Up to this point I could effectively correct incoming error messages. However it had gone too far. I had to reboot.
After the BSOD (blue screen of death) was scanned on my monitor, I took on another task. My new assignment was to think about what to write about after taken out of serenity. I didn’t even know we were going to write, but due to the ability we as humans have to learn and adapt, I had figured it out along the way when comparing this experience to other scholastic events.

It turned out I was correct. …As usual… Miss Plante satisfyingly finished her directions with “Now, recap all you’ve visualized and keep your pen writing for the next ten minutes.” Oh boy, what a surprise!

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