February 8, 2008
By Stacy Lee, Vancouver, BC, ZZ

Many adages declare no one has identical or equivalent personality, appearances, and mind. Christianity emphasizes each and everyone’s eminence due to God’s unique, prominent creations. Some people might say people are special due to one’s looks, which is conflicting because of identical twins. Others might think different languages are the reason why people are so different from others which is also conflicting and objective in theory because animals also communicate with their extraordinary language of communication. However most people around the world define the word special, a word that describes people with disabilities or ones who have wealth, fame, and title. What makes people special enough to differ from each other? Every individual have different lives and perspectives.

Every person has ideas and opinions that are never the same. Metaphorically, democracy, a form of government which respects everyone’s give, is making a statement that accentuates the value of every person living in democratic society. In a democratically societal world, different ideas and making different choices mean taking an unlike pathway to walk on compare to the others, which is the reason why opinions, interpretations, and ideas are really eminent. If all people had same minds and principles, rules, and limits, human race would have run out of inventions and innovations few generations ago. Negatively, having conflicting and matchless opinions may bring chaotic and violent turmoil such as fights, arguments, and wars. Clashing perspectives innovate people to think critically however may bring one’s stubborn and ambitious sides of their nature of personality when it comes to conflicts.

As mentioned earlier, if all the people on earth had same opinions, interpretations, ideas, minds and perspectives, the human race would have lived with same facilities and technologies for decades unless everyone’s brains were equally improved / updated. Having creatively different thoughts or beliefs is not the only reason why people call themselves “special”. Everyday, when the time comes, people have to make challenging decisions that require a significant amount of thinking into them. There are countless ways of handling matters that involve different perspectives- completely matchless lives. Making inequivalent choices apart from the others mean you understand and deliberating considerably upon advantages as well as disadvantages you will obtain by deciding according to your beliefs and thoughts. Different perspectives, different ideas, different opinions, different interpretations, different minds, different thoughts, and beliefs lead to a creation of status, and societal divisions determined by wealth, fame and title.

People are powerful enough to cause a mind-blowing agitation upon the world and on peers. We are capable of everything except for impossible! This made me realize the reason why the world is so loud and with clashing and selfish frictions. If we were less special and had more alike outlook rather than thoroughly distinct says, the world would be more placidly tranquil.

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