Restroom Anyone

February 6, 2008
By Whittany Braswell, Cleburne, TX

Some of the greatest events happen at one place. This place is located almost everywhere and almost everyone has been there at least once. It's a place that has everyone's needs and desires. It's a place for unexpected family reunions, temper tantrums, and yes even accidents. A place you might know as Wal-Mart, or if your a fan of Paris Hilton you may know it asthe store where they sell wall stuff. On one particular visit with my mom and twin sister, I had an accident. Such horrific and embarrassing words should never escape the mouth of a sixteen-year-old. Just say it: "I had an accident." Any normal person would cringe and hopefully not say that in public. It's a phrase meant for five-year-olds. Well we'd been at Wal-Mart for at least an hour and a half. So as luck would have it, I had to use the restroom. (I know, sterotypical of girls) My persuasion to try to get my sister to acompany me failed. Plus I knew better than to ask my mom (definately elementary status). So, being the big girl that I am, I decided to go to the restroom by myself. It was ofcourse a piece of cake. I came out only to find an extreme look of shock on my sister's face. When I asked her why she was looking at me like that for, she told me the news. I had apparently used the men's restroom. My sister had felt guilty for making me go by myself, so she went to check on me; only I wasn't there. Just to make this perfectly clear, I am not a blond. I'm a redhead. Anyhow, I remember thinking that when I had went into the mens, the stand-up stalls were for the women who had little boys that couldn't go by themselves. All of this would most definately explain why that strange woman gave me an aweful look when I came through those double doors. My GPA surely droped ten points after this incident. Oh hail Wal-Mart: the place where casual meets indecency.

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