The Glass Wall

January 22, 2008
By shawn richard, Kingston, NY

It was a normal day at Milbrook High School, nice and sunny and very warm. Zack, Ben and I were at the squash courts. The courts were large with two glass walls. We had just been playing a game of wall ball, but were taking a break for water.

I was walking toward the water fountain when ---- BANG!!!!!!, I whirled around.

In front of me was Zack on the ground. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what happened, but once I did I burst out laughing; until I saw the blood.

Zack had seen the tennis ball on the other side of the wall, ran to get it, and ran head long into it. Ben and I had to get paper towels to clean up his mess (we didn’t touch his blood).

Moral: Have you ever seen the Windex commercial when the guy cleans his glass with Windex and then walks into it? Well that is what happened here. So if you ever get the choice between Windex and another product, I have seen the effects of Windex and it works and it dangerous for people who are forgetful.

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