Teens Watching Kids Shows

January 26, 2012
By BtheMusic SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
BtheMusic SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Remember Buster Baxer? How about Zaboomafoo the lemur, Clifford the Big Red Dog, or Zak and Wheezie, the two-headed dragon from Dragon Tales?
For some of us, these names don’t even ring a bell, but for others, these characters are fresh in our minds. Flipping on the TV after school can bring back the 90s TV show love we had as kids.
Some high school students are afraid to admit they still love Curious George and Wishbone’s thrilling stories, but that doesn’t stop them from hitting the couch and enjoying an episode.

Along with these TV shows, programs from PBS like Saddle Club, Zoom, and Cyber Chase are all loved classics.
Shows like these teach growing kids morals and how to be polite.
“Disney princesses teach kids family values,” says junior Marissa Spillman. “And the PBS shows were educational as well.”
For high school students, Wishbone provides an easily understood version of Tom Sawyer, complete with a talking dog, and Arthur shows us an example of the perfect friendship.

When asked why these shows are still loved, Spillman shrugs and says simply, “They were awesome.”

Embracing the ‘90s kid’ label has become popular. When watching the shows from childhood, Arrowhead students reminisce about the “good old days.” If the 90s were cool, the shows from that decade were even better.

“Come on—there was a lemur talking,” says junior Anastasia Luksich of her favorite show, Zaboomafoo. “And the kids all skated and had cool hair.”

Junior Kate Novacek agrees: “These shows bring back memories of our childhood.”

The most watched TV show then and now is Arthur. The location-less Elwood City is home to a band of animals causing mischief and solving absurd problems. The adventures they have in their city makes watching easy for everyone. Arthur, Buster, and Company are supposed to be in the third grade, but their personalities can be interpreted as any.
“I watch Arthur every day,” says junior Kaitlyn St. George matter-of-factly.
Some people love kids shows, and others find them absurd. Even so, classic characters like Arthur are definitely loved. When asked if they would admit to watching little kid shows, surprisingly, high school students answer ‘yes.’

“I still love these shows because they are funny in a non-confusing way,” says Novacek. “I would definitely admit to watching them.”

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