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January 26, 2012
By BtheMusic SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
BtheMusic SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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November 11 was a big day for Potter fans, as the final movie hit shelves in DVD and BluRay for purchase.
The ten-year series came to a close as the last installment of the iconic series went on sale.

“I think Harry Potter is one of the most original, genuine stories of all time,” says Arrowhead sophomore Jackie Dubnicka. “It was part of my entire childhood.”

The film—starring Daniel Radcliff as Harry, Emma Watson as Hermione, and Rupert Grint as Ron, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II—pulled on heartstrings.
The book series only contains seven books, so fans got an extra installment with the eighth movie. Based on the Breaking Dawn movie split, this started a trend.

“I’ve was looking forward to the showdown between Harry and Voldemort,” says junior Sydney Kozlik.
Opening at Doby’s funeral, the last movie travels through the final months before the imminent showdown between the wizarding world’s most famous—Voldemort and Harry Potter.

In their seemingly endless quest for Horcruxes (the pieces of Voldemort’s soul), Harry (Daniel Radcilffe), Ron (Rupert Grint), and Hermione (Emma Watson) escape from Gringott’s Bank, make a risky return to Hogwarts, and even save their childhood enemy Draco Malfoy.
Thrilling moments included resolutions to unanswered questions of the previous movie, such as Snape’s loyalty and what the last Horcrux is.
SPOILER: Snape was in love with Harry’s mother Lilly his entire life and swore to protect her. When Voldemort murdered her, Snape then vowed to protect Harry. Snape only disliked Harry because he resembled his father James, who Snape thought stole Lilly from him.
“I thought it could have worked out between Lilly and Snape,” says junior Kristen Panaro, “but then he started to become involved with the Dark Arts and such. That ruined what could have been a really good relationship.”
Then, the final piece to the puzzle was revealed: Harry is a Horcrux. He must die in order for Voldemort to die. When Voldemort orders him to the forest, Harry comes and allows Voldemort to kill him. This essentially means Voldemort killed himself by killing Harry.
In the end, Voldemort dies and the entire wizarding world is at peace.
“I liked how they closed the movie because it was a good way to put to rest the final glory of the last movie,” says junior and adamant Harry Potter fan Alyssa Serceki. “It was amazing.”
A special segment at the end, which takes place 19 years later, completes the film.
“Being in Harry Potter is like being in the Mafia. Once you are in, you are never really out,” Radcliffe told the E! Red Carpet at the US movie release in July. “I am going to miss it.”
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II is now on sale at WalMart for only $24.99. Go get yourself a copy of the epic finale of one of the most memorable movie series yet.
And, take it from Grint who puts it best: “This is Harry Potter. I loved every last minute of it.”

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