Blue Eyes Haunted..

January 25, 2012
By jane.doe. SILVER, Argenta, Illinois
jane.doe. SILVER, Argenta, Illinois
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I can look in any mirror and see the laugh lines. I can see the light that was there. But when I reach my eyes I see the pain slashing through. Blue eyes are the easiest to read. I try to hide behind the old faded pieces I was. I am nothing more than ignorant anymore. My eyes are nothing but a show of my stupidity. I loved everything in earlier years and day by day I learn to hate it even more. The streaked tears are stained against my pale white skin. I am nothing more than a stupid girl making stupid mistakes. I vowed not to hurt myself physically. But I can injure my dreams mentally. Either way it happen I land myself into hell pit. No matter where I am I see the remains of my beloved bestfriend. Her blues eyes haunt mine. Her's were better kept. I wish I had her here. But I lost her because of my mistakes. I may never know what they were. But they cut her deep like a knife && I realize how useless I am. She was the greatest person to me and I never got a chance to tell her thank you. She helped me more than she knows. I will always keep a picture of her where ever I go. She is the one person who knew me best and I destroyed the best thing. She deserved a better friend than me. I hope she knows how truelly amazing she is. Her blues eyes haunt me and the memories we share. I hope she will be happy. Because thats what she deserves more than anyone!.

The author's comments:
My bestfriend deserves the best. I wasn't.

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