Losing Control

January 21, 2008
By Tessa Watkins, Milledgeville, GA

What makes a person who would never hurt a soul loose control of their emotions? What is burried so deep within their hearts that noone can seem to understand? Hurt and pain, thats what. only those who have been raped know how it feels to be hurt so bad and have something taken away from them them can never get back. Or to be tormented by people who don't even hardly know your name because they have nothing better to do.

When something happens to a person so traumatic it changes that person in a way that only those who have been through what they have understand. You begin to think "What if" over and over again, you begin to fill your heart with anger and sadness because your left in a place you never thought life would take you. You begin to fill your mind with all these thoughts that consume your soul to the point where you just dont even know who you are anymore.

Each and everyday is just another day of hell to you because your left wondering what is going to happen next. Where your emotions are going to take you and who your going to go off on next because of all the hurt you have in your heart. What do you do?? Your so sick and tired of all the fights and of all the hurt you bring upon your self and the people around you who love you more than anything.

But you just cant take control of your emotions, you try, but you cant. You scream for help but no one understands why your emotions take control of you like a lion attacking its prey. Your sick of it. So you do the only thing you know that will end all if it. Even if it hurts the people you love and care about, you will no longer hurt yourself with the pain of your hearts content. So may your choice be your destiny.

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