Now You See Me.... But Do You Really?

January 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Now You See Me…. But Do You Really?
I’m blond, blue- eyed, smart, and perky.

Think I’m a normal girl? You thought wrong.

My name is Natalie Vail Webb. I am your average high school sophomore, standing at an impressive five feet two inches, and sporting a delightfully bland hair color that falls in that awkward range between blond and brown. I’m almost always in a good mood, I have normal teenage drama problems, and I promise if you passed me in the hallway you wouldn’t take a second glance. So why am I boring you to death with useless facts? While I may seem like an ordinary mood- swingy teenage girl, the truth couldn’t be more shockingly opposite.
I love music. Melodies and tunes never fail to put a smile on my face, but you won’t see Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift on my favorite playlist. No, most of the space on my precious baby blue nano is occupied by none other than kpop. No, I didn’t make a typo. I really mean it. I listen to Korean pop music, and I’m not ashamed. The truth is, it sounds better than the sick, drug and alcohol related junk they play on the radio stations these days. I can dance to it, sing to it, even fall asleep to it. My favorite band, f(x), has an American rapper who is a huge role model to me. She is a hardcore tomboy who, despite the odds, has become one of the most famous celebrities in Korea. The best part is that she grew up right here in the U.S.A. The music itself is fun and creative, stuff I’ve never heard done before, and I know it’s weird but most of my favorite songs I can’t even understand without the handy dandy Google Translate page. My friends think I’m nuts, and their probably right, but that isn’t the only odd thing about me. I’m just warming up.
I can’t stand romances. All that lovey dovey drama-filled madness makes me want to scream. While most girls my age hang on the every word of people like Nicholas Sparks, I couldn’t care less if he fell down a well. I just don’t see the point. Everyone with half a brain knows that fairytales like that don’t happen, so why spend an entire lifetime dreaming about the impossible? The love- life that someone has is not usually under their control, so no matter how many times they wish it, it doesn’t make it true. I must sound so cruel, so if I made some young girls cry I’m sincerely sorry. Most people disagree with me, and that is totally fine. I’m not saying that everyone should give up on their dreams. In fact, that’s the opposite of what I believe. This brings me to the icing on the cake of my abnormalities. Drum roll please……
I don’t want to get married. There, I said it. Proceed to laugh in my face, but I’m not kidding. I believe in being independent. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I want to get into a good college so that I can land a good job. I want the freedom to make my own choices in life, and I believe that no goal is impossible if you put all of your effort into achieving it. The main reason I want to be successful is because of the goals I have for my life. I have always wanted to travel. I want to visit France, China, England, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Korea, Africa, and so many more random places around the globe. I want to study the cultures, the language, the lifestyles, even the food. Honestly I think the idea of being tied down by a relationship, a family, is really my biggest fear. I don’t want people to hold me back, or worry when I’m gone, and not being able to be adventurous and spontaneous, well, I could never forgive myself. It must sound funny, but connecting with people is something that comes naturally to me, especially people from different countries. It’s like a challenge for me to recreate myself, show a different side of myself, and let people know that I’m not just a normal American kid. I’ve always loved anything foreign and different, ever since I was a pig-tailed preschooler playing princesses on the playground, insisting that she be an astronaut instead.
The truth is, I just want my own way. I need to write my own legacy, my own life. Maybe that’s why I’m so different from other girls. I’m different, and I’m not afraid to show it, but some things can’t be shown through funky accessories and weird make-up. You can’t tell who I am by simply looking at me, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m an undercover weirdo, a secret freak, but most of all- I am me. Someone that will never be normal, and that’s what makes life fun. If the world wants to think I’m ordinary, then they’ve got one very smart, very sarcastic, and very stubborn surprise coming their way. All I can say is, you have been warned. Maybe you don’t see me yet…. But you will.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a class assignment, but it became a way to voice my thoughts that I had been hiding for so long. With this essay I let myself out for everyone and anyone to see. Now I can speak my mind.

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