Christmas Music: Lyrics In and Annoyance Out

January 25, 2012
By heyabbby SILVER, Merton, Wisconsin
heyabbby SILVER, Merton, Wisconsin
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Christmas is days away, so it’s normal to play Christmas music, right? Normal, yes. But annoying?
Many students are complaining and wondering why Christmas music starts playing before Thanksgiving. They say Christmas music is all we hear when we get into our car and turn on the radio, and the more Christmas caroling the anger we hear.

But come on, guys! This is the one time of year to listen to this music and love it. Sure, it might be over played and you could very well get annoyed, but you just have to remember that there is only one month of it.

I was on Facebook yesterday and eight of my friends had status updates, complaining about Christmas music. They said they start playing the music too early and that the radio stations are making the other holiday, Thanksgiving, seem unimportant because Christmas is all we are hearing about.
Others said it is rude to those who don’t celebrate Christmas because it is not allowing them to listen to the music they want to listen to—instead, they are bombarded with Christmas jingles.
But I’m not saying the radio stations should be all Christmas all the time. Clearly, there would be problems with this. First off, October or November is too early for Christmas music. Secondly, it’s offensive to some people who don’t believe in any of the December holidays. And third, it’s on too many radio stations.
Ruldolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Deck the Halls—some of the few songs every American knows word for word—do nothing to remind us about the reason for the holiday: peace, love, and family.
Think of the other songs famously caroled in concerts, outside your home or whistled in the hallway. December is the month to be happy, jolly, and peaceful, and Christmas songs remind us of that. So rather than hate the fact that Christmas songs are played so early, take the lyrics in, and the annoyance out.

Of course, no one is forcing non-believers to listen to these songs, but when they turn on the radio, that is all they can find.
But then again, it is weird that people would be offended by Christmas carols, when the pop music they listen to would offend nearly anyone.
So basically, rather than getting tense and mad because the Christmas music is playing so early and turning off your radio just to be angry, turn up the volume, take in the tunes and be happy and jolly! Because that’s what December is about.

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