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January 21, 2012
By swim_forrest BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
swim_forrest BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
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Everyone will die. It is a fact of life, no way around it, we will die. Of that we are certain, but the most baffling note is: where do we go? Naturally humans need an explanation in order to quench the thirst of our burning curiosity and thus religion was born. Religion was once a way for everyone to explain the unexplainable; however, the growth of religion also caused the growth of controversy. Instead of believing our own definitions about the unexplainable, we desire to know which definition is correct. But does it really matter? We will never truly know who has correctly identified something we once could not put into words. Who has a right to decide that anyone is right?

I was raised as a Christian, and a part of me yearned for a higher being to save me from myself. Then I realized, if we constantly need saving, what is the point of living? I was condemning myself to a life of eternal debt which I didn't think I deserved. I know I haven't been one hundred percent "sin-free", but I shouldn't be treated like a criminal for my mistakes. I don't think we should have to constantly ask for forgiveness when were not necessarily wrong in the first place. Why would someone create a race to be completely dependent on their will but give them the freedom of choice? Both forms cannot exist so ultimately religion is standing on shaky ground.

Being raised as a Christian, I was raised on the principle that "those who accept Jesus as their savior will make it into heaven" (aka. Christians-because everyone else thought he was a regular guy), but I have never accepted that principle. If I did, I would be accepting that all of my friends of different religions were going to hell. Why are we pushed to accept others for their differences, when religion tells us they will not be accepted by God? Also, can't anyone accept Jesus Christ as their savior?(I mean really, that your ONLY screening test for who gets into heaven?) How can someone who is philanthropist who does not accept Jesus as their savior be denied from heaven, while a murderer could accept Jesus? There is something about the logic that does not work out for me.

Despite my skepticism about religion, I do not mind it. I think that in some cases it gives people a stable basis and a source of motivation to do well in life. I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs, but you should not be able to tell anybody else that they are wrong. A belief is something that you hold to be true, and nobody else has to agree with you so don't force them to. You can believe whatever you want, but when you start shoving it in my face and forcing me to accept what you believe, that is when I start to fight. No one has a right to tell me what I believe is wrong because if it can't be explained through logic, how are they so sure that they are correct?

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