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January 21, 2012
By piggylover BRONZE, Averill Park, New York
piggylover BRONZE, Averill Park, New York
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Have you ever seen an animal being abused? Thankfully I have not but I know that people do it and something needs to be done. We hope that all animal owners and people who love animals feel strongly about this. There are many different ways people abuse animals and they are all wrong. Not only cats and dogs get abused. Any animal like a horse, cow, pig, or any other animal can get abused. The most common abuse is hitting and starving an animal but other people do worse. There are many ways we can stop this.

One way people abuse animals is that every year people in South Korea have a dog meat festival. We think this is wrong because many people have dogs as pets and do not think it is okay to eat them. They eat barbecued dog, sausages made out of dog, and steamed dog paws. his year people are finally doing something about, they are calling to complain about it.there are 600 dog mat farms in South Korea.( Guardians International summer 2011 ).

A lot of animal abuse comes from hoarding. When someone hoards animals there are usually hundreds of animals in small unsanitary places. hoarding is also called “collected”. Animal hoarders often say they love their animals, but if they did they would not starve them. A “typical” animal hoarder is often an elderly female. (

Another way people abuse animals is with animal fighting. Animal fighting is usually in an enclosed pit or ring. People bet on which animal will win, they give the money to the children, who are usually the runners. Most people watch these animal fights because it is a show and the people who train do it for the money. There are many different types of animal fighting, most of the dogs that fight are pit bulls. Trunking is a type of animal fighting where two dogs get put into a trunk of a car, they close the door and the dogs fight. the last dog standing is the “winner”. Another type of animal fighting is hot-dog fighting. A dog is put up against a feral pig or hog. most people in the southern states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina watch this type of animal fighting. There are more but this is the last one I will list. Badger Baiting is when a dog or multiple dogs go up against a badger. Before the fight the badger is usually disabled by being beaten over the head with a spade, they have there jaw broken, or their legs are chained together.(

Animal abuse of any kind is illegal and very mean. When people fight animals we have as pets,eat them, and have too many animals so they can not take care of them it is sad. Many people think this is wrong and do nothing about it. The next time you see an animal being abuse what will you do?

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