January 15, 2008
By Kyera Dudley, Pahrump, NV

There once was a girl, Kiera, whose life was normal until one day she heard about this guy that liked her from her friend Chelsea. The first thing that Chelsea told Kiera about this guy was the very first words he told her about Kiera which were "Kiera is very pretty." Kiera was intrigued with what she heard about this guy so she began to ask questions.
Kiera: What's his name?
Chelsea: I can't tell you because I promised him I wouln't tell you.
Kiera: Hmm. What does he look like?
Chelsea: He has long black hair but that's all I can tell you for now. I'll ask him if I can tell you anything else.
Kiera: Ok.
Chelsea: Well I have to go so I'll talk to you later. Bye.
Kiera: Bye.
They hung up the phone and Kiera spent the rest of the night thinking about her secret admirer until she fell asleep. The next day at school Kiera decided to write her admirer a note and gave it to Chelsea to give to him. After school Kiera called Chelsea when she knew that her friend was on the bus.
Chelsea: Hello.
Kiera: Hey did you give him the note?
Chelsea: Not yet, but I will before he gets off the bus.
Kiera: He rides your bus?
Chelsea: Yes and he can hear everything you're saying.
Kiera: Well then put him on the phone.
Chelsea: I would but he won't talk.
Kiera: The least he could do is introduce himself to me tomorrow.
Chelsea: He said maybe; possibly.
Kiera: Ok. I should go because I need to do a few things.
They hung up and Kiera did what she needed to do. Later that evening she called Chelsea and found out more about her admirer. She found out that he hangs out over by the scene kids at lunch and that he has laughed at some of the things that she and her friend have done. After talking on the phone a little while longer she went to bed. In the morning Kiera got ready. Being extremely careful with how she dressed because it was the day she was going to meet her secret admirer. Once at school she found Chelsea.
Kiera: I can't wait until lunch. I'm so excited to see him.
Chelsea: I have bad news.
Kiera: What?
Kiera's heart started racing as she waited to hear Chelsea's answer.
Chelsea: The guy you were supposed to meet is in the hospital.
Kiera froze from shock and could no longer speak. She didn't feel like talking for a while and stuck to it until lunch when she was reunited with Chelsea. They both went back into the kitchen to switch Kiera's books. Since Kiera's grandma worked in the cafeteria she was allowed to be in the kitchen. Chelsea broke the silence.
Chelsea: He's in the hospital because he has to have heart surgery.
Tears came to Kiera's eyes.
Chelsea: But that's not the worst part. He's hemophilic, which means his blood can't clot.
The blows just kept hitting Kiera's heart.
Kiera: Is that all he has to worry about?
Chelsea nodded her head. The rest of the day was dark and gloomy; unappealing to the soul, even though the sun was shining. When Kiera got home her cell phone rung, it was Chelsea. She flipped open her razor once she was in her room and said hello.
Chelsea: Guess who's on my other phone.
Kiera: Who?
Chelsea: Kevin.
Kiera: ...
Chelsea: Kevin is your secret admirer, the guy who's going to get the heart surgery.
Kiera: Oh. You should let me talk to him.
Chelsea: I would but he doesn't want to because he's drugged up and slurring his words.
Kiera: I don't care I still want to talk to him.
Chelsea: I know but he says he wants to make a good first impression.
Kiera: He's already made a first impression when he told you I was pretty.
Chelsea; Well he says hi and he misses you.
Kiera: Tell him I said hi an I miss him too. Ask him what he thinks his chances are.
Chelsea: He can hear you and he says that he has a 65% chance at living.
Kiera went silent. The silence lasted until Chelsea call Kiera's name.
Chelsea: Kiera, we want to know if you're ok and he also wants to know what you think about his chances.
Kiera mumbled a few words.
Chelsea: I think he's starting to cry and he just hung up on me. Just to let you know whenever he asks if you'r ok say yes because it'll make him feel better. I'm going to call him back then I'm going to ask you if you're ok.
Kiera: Ok.
A few seconds went by.
Chelsea: Are you ok?
Kiera: Yes I'm fine. It's not the best chances in th world, but at least it's above 50%.
Chelsea: I know that's what l told him. By the way l need to go.
Kiera: Ok tell Kevin l said bye.
Chelsea: He says bye and he loves you.
Kiera: I love him too.
Chelsea: How sweet. Bye.
The phone clicked. Kiera felt her eyes filling up with tears as she thought about how she was so stupid for not noticing him and how that she also felt lucky to have such an amazing person like her. After thinking for a few minutes she decided to jump in the bath. She turned her music on to drown out her sobs. The tears streamed from her face and lasted for about an hour. When she got out she let the water drain and got dressed in her pajamas. She fell asleep and dreamed of the day that she would meet Kevin. School the next day was better than yesterday. When she met up with Chelsea at lunch they began to talk about Kevin and how he was doing.
Chelsea: Kevin wrote you a note and put it in my mailbox before he left for the hospital and I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Kiera: Do you know what he wrote?
Chelsea: No, but you should read the note that he wrote me.
She handed Kiera the note.
Chelsea: Just to warn you he has beautiful handwriting.
Kiera opened the note and in the note he asked Chelsea if Kiera had a boyfriend and if she did he wished the best of luck for her. Also he wrote that he hoped that if she was dating someone that he didn't want her to get hurt. That was all that was said in the note. It touched her heart.
Kiera: Do you remember yesterday's conversation?
Chelsea nodded her head while taking a bite of pizza.
Kiera; Yesterday it seemed like he cared for me and how I felt more than himself and he's in the hospital.
Chelsea: I know!
For the rest of lunch nothing really happened except for people playing jokes on other people. School was boring as usual. There were lectures, lectures, and guess what more lectures. That evening Chelsea and Kiera found out that Kevin was being flown out to Oregon to have his surgery. The next school day Kiera was anxious to receive the note from Kevin. Early in the morning when the buses arrived Kiera found Chelsea and was eager to get the note.
Chelsea: Kevin told me not to give the note to you until after school and you can't read it until you get home.
Kiera: Ok. Did you read it yet?
Chelsea: No.
Kiera: Am I allowed to talk to you about the note after I read it?
Chelsea: Yes.
The teachers dismissed the students to go to class. Chelsea and Kiera said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. The minutes seemed like hours to Kiera and the hours felt like eternity. Finally eighth hour was over and school was out. She rushed to meet Chelsea in the hallway next to the band room. Chelsea and Jeanie (Kiera's and Chelsea's best friend) walked out of the band room. Chelsea handed Kiera the note.
Chelsea: Whatever you do please don't cry.
Kiera fiddled with the note in her hand.
Chelsea: You can read it.
On the front of the note it said: Kiera mi amore. (Kiera my love in Italian)
lnside it read:
Hey Kiera,
Sorry I haven't talked to you yet but l had a good reason for not talking to you on the phone. When I was flown to Oregon l learned that because l'm a hemophiliac l now only have a 25% chance of living. l didn't want Chelsea to tell you after she found out because l wanted to tell you myself. I know this is not the best way to tell you. I hope that the 25% will pull through and l'll be fine. But l don't know. If something does go wrong l would just like to let you know that l have always loved you for who you are. I'm sorry. But now with these words l will end this very short letter. Love you always, even after death!
P.S. You and Chelsea should help each other through this. She's been crying about it for two days. Love you both.
P.P.S. Sorry the handwriting isn't as nice as before but l'm slightly drugged up and in lots of pain. I love you.
Kiera mi amore!
(I'm a French person rather than ltalian)
Kiera broke into tears as she read the last line. Jeanie and Chelsea comforted her as best they could. It took a minute to soothe Kiera and to get her to stop crying.
Chelsea: Everything's better because the last time I talked to him he said his chances were at 55%.
Jeanie: What you can do is pray and hope for the best.
Kiera: l have been.
Jeanie: Maybe that's what raised his chances.
Kiera: l don't know, maybe.
Kiera brushed away her tears and they all said goodbye. Outside it was raining which to Kiera looked like tears falling from angels' eyes in the heaven who seemed to be crying with her. She waited until her grandma picked her up and went to her grandma's house. It was Friday and Kiera wasn't looking forward to finding out bad news over the weekend. Late at night, around 9 p.m. Kiera called Chelsea and found out that Kevin was doing fine and the surgery was going well. Kiera felt relief and no longer worried as much as she did before. All that was left to do was wait and see how everything would turn out. As the days past finally Kiera and Chelsea found out that the surgery went well, he's ok, and it'll be a few months until he's fully recovered. Monday at school Chelsea was absent and after school Kiera called her. Hellos were said and then the conversation began.
Chelsea: I talked to Kevin and he asked me if you would wait for him. I told him we're a lot alike but I can't say if you would or not.
Kiera: Do you think he's worth the wait?
Chelsea: Yes.
Kiera: Then of course I'll wait. What would make it easier to wait would be if l got to e-mail or talk to him.
Chelsea: l know, but his phone was disconnected or he would of called you and he only gets a certain amount of time on the computer.
Kiera: Give him my e-mail address that way we can write each other.
Chelsea: Ok I will.
Since that phone call Kevin has been doing just fine. Kiera and Kevin still haven't met but plan on meeting sometime in the near future.

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