One Wish of Fulfillment

January 15, 2008
By Janelle Ochs, VICKERY, OH

As I stare at the blank page, it is intimidating and yet thrilling. I see the possibility in the page. I understand the impact every sentence could have on the world. Maybe these words, this page, will not cause change for many, but one word, one page, or one action could cause change in someone.
When you take a step back from your life, you can see how much we are under the influence of others. We do what we can to get by, or to make those around us happy. How many of us truly express our wants, wishes, and desires without the worry of criticism? We should all have the opportunity to state our views and to reach out to the world.
I believe deep down that we should not take for granted our opportunities. I have learned that I have a chance to express myself, and this paper is just one of many ways. I would love to see more people taking advantage of these opportunities also. What is holding so many of us from reaching for our goals, from reaching inside of ourselves and finding our personal best? By the use of a simple paper and pen we could connect with others, and truly connect with ourselves. Why not take full advantage of our gifts and opportunities in life?
One of the most frustrating things for me to watch is people who have so many doors open for them, and yet they sit there unwilling to put in the effort to move forward. I feel that America today compared to America sixty years ago does not put forward the same work ethic or the same drive to succeed. What is it that is holding so many of us back from trying our best?
It is possible that people do not want to stand out, do not want to go further than their peers. There is nothing expected of a person who stands in the back and does just enough to get by. What are people so afraid of? Rejection, criticism, and failure can happen no matter what a person does. Therefore, we should try our personal best, that way we are at least have pride. I just want to stress that fear of criticism, the possibility of being inadequate, or rejection should never overpower our possibility of greatness, personal gain, and self discovery. That's why all of us need to step out, try something new, and push our boundaries to cause a positive change in ourselves and peers, and to see the possibility we and the world have in store.

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