January 14, 2008
By Aaron Voltz, Chicago, IL

When I was in school my mother kept talking about a trip. Then one day I asked what is the trip? Where are we going? My mother answered “ to Florida, me, Kyle, your father and you”. I could not wait to go on the trip. I was very happy and I knew that it was going to be fun because I have been there more than once.

Five days letter we began packing. My mother packed my things a day before we left to go on the trip. Kyle and I were so happy to get away from Chicago and I know that it was going to be fun in Florida. The next morning, we got up at five a.m. in the morning my mom had called the cab. We waited like twenty-five minutes then the cab arrived.

It was time to go. I was sleep walking down the hallway. My mom said lets go her voice sounded so loud in the early morning. We put the luggage in the cab we had about ten pieces of luggage. I had got in to the cab and when we got there I woke up. When we were about to get on the plane the lines was long we had to stand up for a long time I was really mad. I wish September 11th never happened. It had been my third or fourth time being on a plane.

The plane was fun when I looked at Kyle he looked scared but I was not. When we got of the plane I could not hear It didn’t fell right to me I didn’t know why. When we got outside it was humid and I couldn’t even breathe. I could not wait until the shuttle came and pick us up to take us to the hotel. When we got in our hotel room Kyle and I started to fight. We were in the same bed and he did not want to move over and I got angry he was mad too.

Then my dad had said ,” you had better stop or you will be back on the plane in 2.2 seconds”. I knew that he was not playing about putting us on the plane, so me and Kyle had stop playing and went to sleep. The next morning we went down stairs and got on the bus to go some where I did not know. When we got off the bus I saw rides and a pool
I was happy when we went into The amusement park.

The first ride we got on was the hulk it was fun the next ride we got on I did not won’t to get on and Kyle had got made and he was calling me names like ugly and big head. I had got furious and wont to fight my mother said stop before I knock your teeth out of your mouth Aaron. I did not say another word because I knew that she was not playing.

The next ride we got on was men in black, we had to shout at some monster. It was fun
The next ride we got on was a tornado ride and almost made me cry and what I did not like about the ride was it felt like we was about to go in the air and the tornado was coming to use. The next ride was a mummy ride it was fun and when we left out I saw a big mummy man over my head; I ran as fast as I could.

Kyle said” that’s the fast I every seen you run in my life”! After that we went back to the hotel like at 9:00 p.m. Kyle and my mother and I had a talk to us. She said “this is a family trip and we came as a family and we is going to leave as a family.” I said “ok mom and I am sorry” Kyle had apologized to my dad had told us that it is a pool down stairs and it was a good time to go my dad said to us. My mother had come down to the pool with Kyle and me.

We had fun Kyle had pushed me in the pool I was mad but he did it for fun. Then I got out and went up to the room and went to sleep. I was very tired. The next day it had stared to rain when we had arrived to the amusement park, so We waited and ate a lot of food until the rain stopped I was made because the ride was not working.

I was so upset I felt like hitting some body in the faces again. when the shuttle came and got us it was like 9:00 p.m. soon as got to the hotel every body had went to sleep.
Finally it was the day we go home. My mother had talk to Kyle and I she said, “I am proud of you two, because you did not fight after we talked.

We had 3 hours before we departed went back to sleep then my mom had wake me up and said it was time to go we went to the airport.

When I got home I hugged my dog. He was jumping on me. I missed him very much but that was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I said, “Thank you, mom!”

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