My Room

January 10, 2008
After school, I always go back to the dorm from the battlefield of grades, and I cross the dorm lobby and enter the first floor hallway. I put my right hand in my pocket and get my room key out. Room number 157: this is my little place.

I open the door, and two big twenty-eight inch travel bags greet me, one black and the other navy blue. The black one has fallen open since I left. Each room has two closets for the two students who share it. However, when I enter my room, I can only clearly see what is in the left closet, my six blue, green, black and gray jeans, one brown pair of pants and my shoes.

Beside the left closet, a light brown wooden desk with a chair, this has a beige cushion, dark gray frame, and black wheels. This chair is little lower than the basic chair given by the dorm, but mine is perfect height for my desk. This little brown desk has lots of stuff on a bookshelf attached to it. The lower shelf has seven SAT books, three TOEFL books, and Word Smart. They stand upright, their height descending from left to right. The upper shelf has book I am interested in, which is Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin Toffler, three books by Paulo Coelho, Bury My heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown, The Theory of Human Nature for college philosophy class students, Politeia by Plato, and others.

Behind the chair, stands a big wooden frame bed that has four small pillars at the corner and those pillars make this bed look better than others. It has only two mattresses. It should have one box spring for base, but because my box spring was broken mysteriously in a first few days in the dorm for this year, I am waiting for the new box spring. The bed has a sky blue sheet, a green bed quilt and a pillow with horizontal stripe. On the head side of frame, I usually hang my shower towel, because it is the best place to hang my towel to desiccate it.

Before across the room, I pick my alarm clock up and turn on the alarm for next morning. This analogue-style metal colored round alarm clock always helps me to wake me up at right time for breakfast in the morning with loud sound. Then across the room all the way down from the left to the right side, there is small space with a desk for my black HP laptop: It almost always stay on the desk with Logitech G1 mouse, Fujitsu Calmee black 120GB portable HDD and some empty Kirkland spring water bottles. It has some pretty white curve lines on the black piano cover-like lid. Front of the laptop, I sit and typing this description paper with Classical, New Age, or Jazz music.

In this room, I have two chests and I assigned them as L shape. I put a laptop desk at backside of the chest. On the chest, there are some of the Wal-Mart and Adidas bags, my last second semester binder, a gray laptop bag and Grammar in Use, which is English grammar book. Also, on the right side of the chest mirror, my black cross pendant necklace hangs.

Beside the chest, I have a small dorm refrigerator and the other bed that have iron frame. On the bed, there are a laundry basket, a jacket I wear for breakfast, shirt I just wore yesterday, all of my black shirts those are ready to laundry by only themselves, because they have black color.

Now I open the right closet, which locates beside the iron frame bed, behind the main door then I cannot see when I just came in my room. In the right closet, I find some winter jacket, jerseys, hood and long and short sleeve shirts. I also find some empty hangers, green Crest herbal mint toothpastes and blue Irish Spring soap.

I turn my body to hallway and shut down my door gently. All the sudden, I realize me wearing sleepers rather than my comfortable black Nike walking shoes. I open my door quickly and enter. The door for room number 157 closes by itself soft and gently behind me.

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