Broken Ankle

January 10, 2008
By Renae Wilcken, Leamington, UT

When I was about one years old, I was on a bed after I had just had my diaper changed, when my brother decided that he wanted to join me on the bed , he was about 1 ½ years old at the time. Well, he reached up to grab something and he grabbed my leg. I fell of and that's when my ankle broke. We didn't know that it was broken, so we weren't worried. A couple days later my mom was putting on my shoes and socks, when I started crying. She took me to the doctor and they said that my ankle was broken. They put on a cast and sent me home. A week later my mom noticed that the cast was loose and she took me back to the doctors. They said that it wasn't loose and they went to go get some files. When they came back in I kicked my leg and the cast flew of and almost hit the doctor. The doctor said that maybe it was loose after all. They gave me a new cast and sent me home. I still have the cast in my cedar chest. I still have to repay my brother for it.
Renae Wilcken

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