Whaling Is Wrong !

January 17, 2012
By Kalii BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Kalii BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Dear Reader,

Do you ever think about what’s in the food you purchasing? You trust the farmers market to correctly label the food, especially meat, but how would you know if they didn’t? This is a crisis going on in Taiji, Japan. People there are mistakenly eating an animal almost everyone worldwide adores!

The fishermen in Taiji, Japan are denying they’re slaughtering whales and dolphins and feeding them to the people of Japan. 95% of Japanese citizens state that they don’t eat dolphin or whale and are unaware of the crisis going on right in their country. This is an inhumane act by some of the fishermen of Japan; killing whale and dolphins is wrong. Also, poisoning their countries own people is inhumane. Imagine being herded with your family in cages and the next day being stabbed with 100’s of knives. Well, the whales and dolphins don’t have to imagine because it’s happening to them right now. These animals feel this pain and torture more than any human ever could. Being stabbed and hung upside down to choke on their own blood, it’s unbelievable! They cry out to their family, but sadly no ones their to answer. They’re all gone, or going through the same torture, left to die alone from the cruel weapons of these heartless fishermen.

Many countries have generously given Japan money to help them recover from the earthquakes. Selling whale and dolphin meat help provide money for Japan, so they used most of the money given to them and used it for whaling. In my opinion that’s a selfish act. This money could’ve been used to help the children and provide necessities to certain families. Instead they use it to kill beautiful animals whose brains are more intelligent then any humans. These fishermen are being cruel and in the end it poisons their own people.

0.5 parts per millionth of mercury is aloud to be in selling food. Do you know how much mercury is in wrongly labeled whale meat? Over 20 times that limit! This poison causes retardation, birth defects, and death. We would be cruel, selfless people if we let this continue any longer! We cannot watch this happen to innocent people. Those who stand up get shot down, but they couldn’t do that if everyone took a stand. So rise, and help fight for the whales and dolphins dying before their time is due. Some activities you can do is write a letter to the government of Japan about how this upsets you, if many of us write, I believe we can make a difference.

Kaliyah M.

The author's comments:
My friend and I looked this up and asked our teacher at school if their was any way we could help these whales. Our teacher had the whole class write letters to the President and whaling communities to see if we can make a difference. Read this and if you feel the same way, write. Together we can make a difference!

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