How to be Better at Shooting Games

January 12, 2012
By NathanMB BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
NathanMB BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
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There are those who are first place all the time. Those who have twenty, or thirty, more kills than deaths. And then there are the opposite. The ones who drag the team down, with thirty deaths and no kills. No matter what, anyone can become an average player. There are several things you can do to be better at shooting games.

The first thing is basic tips. “If you can save, save often”, for instance. Know the maps as well. If you don’t know where anything is, you will die brutally from “power weapons.” This means the sniper rifle, rocket launcher, doomsday device if the game has one. The more dedicated players can find it in themselves to time the spawns, but anyone that is serious should know the location at least.

Knowing the maps also applies to defensive positions. If you are in a building with a window that shows the whole street, you can easily snipe. If there is an open space where you always die, find a way around. A lot of people don’t understand this concept and end up costing the team.

Knowing your guns is also important. Shotguns are not that good at a range, but there are still different types of shotguns in some games. Which weapon you’re better at is the one you should go for. If you are terrible with a sniper rifle, don’t get it or make sure no one else can. Next is how you should play the game.

Find a playing style. If you are an up-close-and-personal kind of person, find a shotgun. There is something that works for everyone. Unfortunately, there are those who will commit to annoying and a little unfair tactics. It brings an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you kill them.

In some games, there are things you can get that will increase your playing style ability. Long range people should get the sniper rifles and something that makes them hidden, right? But sometimes instead of being invisible, you like to move faster.

There are ways to avoid damage but deal a lot as well. Experimentation will help you find the style right for you. And if you can’t find one that you are comfortable with, there is always the ‘standard’ style which can do a little of everything.

Aiming is obviously important to any shooting game. If you are incapable of hitting your opponent then you will die. There are several things you can do to improve your aim. Most games have “training modes” that will allow you to practice aiming.

Halo has firefight. Call of Duty has combat training, unless their new version doesn’t have it. Gears of War have Horde mode. Also, there are game types that are easier to play than most. Those within your skill level can be found and trained against. There are several tricks that will improve your overall performance.

Teamwork is essential to games that aren’t free for all. Four against one is an odd that can only be matched with a rocket launcher. If you and your friend go against someone and their friend, you have a better chance at a kill. Your chances at winning can go up if you are with your team.

Of course, you always have the bad teammates. The ones that blow all of you up, the ones that run out and get shot constantly, the ones who shoot you by accident. Those are the ones who you want to not play with next time.

There are several things you can do besides what I told you. Best thing you can do is ask for advice on the game. Find the best way to approach the game. Maybe even get your friends to play the game, and you can create a system that works.

I hope I educated you somewhat on how to be better in shooting games. Some of the things I talked about can also apply to other games. I forgot one last thing though. Win or lose, have a good time.

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