The One Always There

January 11, 2012
By Kathleen.Patch SILVER, Blue Mound, Illinois
Kathleen.Patch SILVER, Blue Mound, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Love and Electricity are one in the same my dear,
if you do not feel the jolt
in your soul everytime
a kiss is shared,
a whisper is spoken,
or a touch is felt,
Then your really not in love at all.

Have you ever had someone in your life that has been there for you through thick and thin? Someone who would give up everything just to be by your side when you need it the most? People will do selfless acts to help friends in need.

When I was in need of help, Hayden stepped right into my life. He helped me realize who I was. I was very lost before. I was turned around, dizzy, disoriented, fragile and weak. Hayden stopped the dizziness. He then became my best friend. After awhile we knew everything about each other; such as, our favorite candy, favorite song, our dreams, just plain everything. We were inseparable from that point on.

Hayden Jeffery Morrow is very unique. He has a very distinct jaw line. It is so detailed in every single way. He has a power to make me think about absolutely nothing, except for him. The way he gazes with his blue eyes, it is indescribable. He acts so calm when he is around me. But, only I can see how nervous he is. The way he breathes so heavily before he talks to me. Hayden’s voice sounds like the mystic sound of a beautiful waterfall rolling off the rocks. He has always had a way of telling me a story with very few words, as if I could read his mind.

Hayden has helped me so much in the time we have been friends. I always ask him for advice and even if he didn’t agree, he told me the truth. Hayden is so honest and loyal. He is the rock in my life, or in my case a precious moonstone. He has done everything I asked of him. He is strong and free willed. Hayden is very wise.

There are some people in the world that would walk across the world just to help you. They will get up and leave to be with you and not even think to themselves, what am I getting in return? These are the people that should mean the most to you. They are civil, selfless people who are willing to do everything for you.

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