January 11, 2012
By MHSClint BRONZE, Mt. Auburn, Illinois
MHSClint BRONZE, Mt. Auburn, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"If you ain't first, you're last"

The Paper that's probably meant the most to me would have to be my freshman report paper. I wrote about the hobby I’ve grown to love over the years, showing Appaloosa horses and the history behind them. This paper was more than a paper, it expresses who Clint Gorden really is and will be for many years from now!

The reason this paper that’s about such a different topic meant so much, was because I’ve never been able to talk about my accomplishments or anything about this amazing and growing breed of horses I’ve became so involved in. To some it might just be a boring paper about some spotted horses, but to me, it was so much more. People never realized how much a horse can do, how smart they are, how pretty they are, or how much value a real world champion can have. To a normal basketball player, football player, or jocks in general people think horses are something for girls and just a worthless animal, just a pet. They never knew that most of the trainers are men, and they never knew how much money they could make selling a multiple world champion (upwards to 400,000 Bucks!). Besides the awards and memorable things, you can sell that horse for a lot of money! They can’t feel the sense of satisfaction that I do when I’m showing at the World show,or even the state show for that matter. Yes, I realize that there is always the big ole “State game” but when you win a state show and then a world show, the satisfaction of you and yours horses made a winning team makes you feel amazing. Not like just a team of 14 people, its a team of 2, and you had to train the second member. Not like you can sell your team. With this hobby, comes a lot of pain that people don’t see.

The only person that's read this is my mom and Ms. Furguson. I don’t know if it meant anything to her, but i hope it changed her views on it and made her more interested. I think it might have though, because she asked me about it when I returned to school this year. My audiences reaction and those little side notes teachers leave (the positive ones) mean a lot to me believe it or not. I want to see if people change feelings or views based upon what I write.

As I get older, I get forced to write more and I think its helped me open up my thoughts and joys to other people besides just friends. I enjoy expressing myself through writing, just when not many people read it! It expressed who I am. That’s what I wanted accomplished.

The author's comments:
It means alot.. Not many people understand where I come from. hopefully this helps.

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