January 10, 2012
By clarinetchic BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
clarinetchic BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
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I’ve been in theatre for the past two years and it’s been a real pleasure being in there with all my really good friends and a very talented teacher. Mrs Gaertner is an amazing teacher and is very fun to be around. When we’re going through our scripts and working on blocking, she will stop us half way through and help us on our blocking and shows us how she wants it done. It’s fun watching her talk about old theatre back in the day. She gets so excited when she talks about theatre, band, and her husband and how they meet. She starts to move a lot and talk really fast and sometimes you can’t really understand what she’s saying. She loves talking about her kids too, they are so adorable. She was working with Justin and Lindsey’s scene and Justin was having a hard time getting into character, so Mrs G went up on stage and told Lindsey to read her line again. After she said her line Mrs G said Justin’s line and the way she performed it was so amazing. She went up onstage and said Justin’s line; she emphasized each word and said it with intensity and anger. I wish I could act like that. I like watching Mrs G act because she’s very good at it. It’s fun watching her talk really fast and move around the classroom of stage a lot when she’s talking about something that she loves. Mrs G is a wonderful person inside and out. I wish I could be more like her she is a really good marcher, trombone and trumpet player. I don’t like seeing her upset because I don’t see how anybody and disrespect such a good teacher and friend. I hate coming into her class and seeing her in such a bad mood from her previous classes that she can’t jump around, laugh and have fun when our theatre class gets in there. We have so much fun in theatre. I especially like the days that she lets us play games and do improve because she does it with us. She acts like a kid in our class and whenever she is in a bad mood I know that our class will make her smile and laugh. She is such an inspiration to me and others and I don’t see how anybody can disrespect such an amazing teacher.

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