Lesson Learned.

January 9, 2012
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It was in the month of October, when I had arrived home from school, to find my mom sitting on the couch. She told me dad had called, and he wanted me to spend Christmas with him in Orlando, Florida. My mom gave me permission to go, and that’s when my countdown for me to leave began. My mom is a single parent, and my dad was never there for me growing up, but shockingly I was always daddy's little girl. He missed birthdays, school events, well, anything that was ever important to me. This trip was like going to be the start of a father and daughter relationship, we never had. Week’s passes and notifications on my face book rose from my dad, his wife, and my three little step-sisters saying how excited they were. My dad called more than ever, mostly about nothing. He finally told me I was scheduled to my flight, on Monday, December 19th, at 10 in the morning. Finally, December 18th came, and that night I was sleepless. My bags were packed and ready to go, and my hopes were high, and my prayer of this day was about to be answered. The day I had been waited for, was finally here. I fount my best outfit, and walked to the door. My mom took me to the airport, boy I wish you could have felt the feeling I had. I was nervous, happy, and anxious at the same time. My mom and I finally arrived at the airport, and I went to the desk to claim my ticket. To find out, there was no ticket. The ticket he supposedly paid $475 for, they couldn’t find? I dialed him over and over, no answer. I stuck in the airport for an extra hour, no answer. Facebook'd him, and called him again, no answer. I left the airport that day, in tears, heartbroken. When I got back in the truck, I watched the plane I was supposed to be on, take off. Days turned into weeks later, still no word from him, no answer to what happened. He and his family ignored me, and out of anguish, I deleted him off Facebook. To find out, he had already blocked me. I never understood what happened, I never got an answer. It still hurts, but with every problem or bad experience we have, comes with an lesson. The lesson I learned, was everything happens for a reason. I don’t know that reason, and that may be a mystery until I die. Some things you can let go, but some things you can never forget. Boy, this was sure a lesson learned?.

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