An Actual Day to Remember

December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

“Sold out! If you’re planning on buying a ticket, I’m sorry we are now sold out!” the man on the mega phone yelled to all of the people standing outside in the freezing cold weather in line at the Great Saltair, he was a large man with a massive scruffy beard. I heard some groans, moans, and curse words be blurted out from the people in the crowd. “I feel bad for those people” I turned and said to my sister with a smile on my face.

“I didn’t know this band was so popular” Beth replied.

“They’re only the best band in the world,” I paused “Not exactly your taste but thank you for coming with me!”

“Yup.” She said in a kind of rude tone, I knew she didn’t exactly want to see a band that she doesn’t really care about but she could at least try and have fun.

I could see my breath as I yawned; I was getting so bored of standing in this line! I swear there have to be at least 70 more people ahead of us. I looked around at all of the people in line, There are some pretty attractive people here and you can tell that they’re fans of A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil and We Came as Romans. I looked over to a girl with blonde hair and purple streaks in it, man I should do something cool like that with my hair, the boy she was standing next to had an epic eyebrow piercing and at least 1 inch gauges in his ears. I looked over at the Great Salt Lake, the greenish blue gross colored water was still and calm, the air reeked of salty, sulfur-like smell.

The line moved up at least five feet and my sister and I stepped forward, I could hear the music from inside being played and could tell it’s We Came as Romans. I could just feel the adrenaline pumping through my body. I was so excited just to get in there and start jumping up and down, singing along. My favorite part is definitely going to be being able to jump into a mosh pit and just start hitting people, as brutal as that sounds.

“Hey!” I heard a guys voice coming from behind me, turning to see Camden and Sam from school.

“Oh, hey guys!”

“I didn’t know you were coming here tonight, who did you come to see?” Camden asked, flipping his shaggy dark brown hair to the side.

“Mostly A Day to Remember but I like all of the bands that are going to play tonight.”

“Oh, cool me too!”

“You guys are crazy, Bring Me the Horizon owns.” Sam exclaimed, coming into the conversation.

“No, ADTR is the best.” I said and Camden nodded in agreement, smiling and showing his perfectly straight white teeth.

“Well we have to get back in line, see you in there!” Sam said, and they both hugged me and walked back to their spot in line with a group of friends.

It seemed like a million years went by until we were near the front of the line
“Next!” the man taking tickets shouted. I stepped forward and handed the man my ticket, he quickly patted me down checking me for weapons and whatever else they actually check you for. “K you’re good, have fun!” he handed me back my ticket; I folded it and put it in my back pocket.

My heart was pounding out of my chest when my sister and I walked in, the music was playing so loud. I looked up to the stage but no one was on it, there was just loud music playing from the stereo system and the stage crew was taking down a black and white banner that said “We Came As Romans” in bold black writing.

“Looks like we just missed them!” My sister shouted over the loud music. We found a spot right behind the bars of the sound booth and it was a great view being about half way between the stage and the very back of the room.

“I’m seriously going to cry! I am just that excited!” I exclaimed to my sister

“You’re such a spaz!”

“No, like, you don’t even understand! I get to see Jeremy Mckinnon in person!”

Time went by as Pierce the Veil played and I sang along to the few songs I knew.

“Thank you salt lake city!” The lead singer of PTV yelled into the mic “Are you ready for Bring Me the Horizon!?”

The whole audience shouted out and excitement ran throughout my body and the next thing I knew I heard Bring Me the Horizon playing “Oh my gosh! Oli freaking Sykes!” My sister screamed out in this girly voice, giving me a push.

“Right!?” I yelled back. I looked up to the stage at Oli Sykes, his dark shaggy hair surrounding his face and he was wearing a red tank top and black skinny jeans. Tattoo’s covered his arms as he ran around the stage singing, well more like screaming. Before I knew it BMTH were done with their session. “We are going to have a 15 minute intermission” Oli said into the mic to the audience “and then A Day to Remember will play, thank you Utah!!” the curtains closed and everyone stopped cheering as much.

It seemed like the longest 15 minutes of my life , waiting for my absolute favorite band to come on stage.

“I am so bored of this.” My sister complained.

“You might like them!” I boosted.

“I don’t even like this kind of music Mattie.”’

“Get over it. “

Time went by and finally I heard the introduction to the song “Downfall Of Us All.” My heart dropped into my stomach like when you’re going down a big hill and you get that feeling. The curtain dropped and there I saw Jeremy Mckinnon jumping up and down along with the rest of the band. Alex started banging on the drums and a huge smile appeared on my face.

“Hurry lets get closer!” I yelled to my sister.

Pushing my way through the crowd elbowing people here, and shoving people there. “Ugh!” I let out a grunt as some girl practically nailed me in the face and I hit back and continued pushing my way through the crowd. Beth and I were on the side of the right wall about 10 feet from the side doors. Everyone around me was screaming, and singing along. I swayed back and forth along with the crowd and almost lost my balance but leaned on other people to support me. It was extremely humid and I could hardly breathe but I sang along loudly.

It was time; during “2nd Sucks” I jumped into a mosh pit. I could feel the bruises being formed as people punched me. I am going to be so sore tomorrow I thought to myself. I gave out a few punches and soon I got slammed into the wall and decided I was done moshing.

“Mattie!” My sister yelled to me. “I don’t like it up here can we please go to the back!”

“Sure!” I yelled back.

My sister and I pushed our way back to the back and found ourselves near the same spot as we were before, near the sound booth.

The rest of the night went amazing though I avoided mosh pits. I just sang along and admired my favorite band. This was undoubtedly the best show I’ve ever been to and I know I’m going to remember it. Before I knew it, it was over and Jeremy was thanking the crowd. Everyone found his or her way out of the place and my sister and I basically ran to the car just so we could attempt to avoid the traffic. We ended up not avoiding the traffic and it took about an hour to get out of the parking lot.

“I am seriously so happy I am going to cry.” I said in happiness “Next time they come here, I am for sure going!”

My sister laughed “I didn’t like them, but you’re welcome for me taking you.”

“Yeah, thanks…”

I went to sleep that night laying in bed thinking about the amazing experience I had. I am definitely never going to forget March 29th, 2011. When I listen to their music I’m unstoppable, invincible, No one can mess with me. When I hear their music there is inspiration. Brutal band, brutal crowd, brutal night, A Day to Remember will be my favorite band forever.

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