Car Show

December 16, 2011
By Nicole Riggs BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nicole Riggs BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Once upon a time there was a really pretty girl named Jasmine. Today is Friday and Jasmine’s friends are staying the night at Jasmine’s house tonight. Right now the girls are home alone getting ready to go somewhere. Tonight the girls are all going to a car show. Jasmine is 16 and both of her friends are 15. Her friends’ names are Hailee and Burgandie. Jasmine has brown hair, blue eyes and braces. She’s not really that tall and she’s not really that short, she’s just the right height for her age. Jasmines friends think that Jasmine is the prettiest. Everyone was ready except for jasmine; she still had to straighten her hair. She can’t ever leave without straightening her hair. She doesn’t like it when her hairs not straightened. It only takes her about 7 minutes to straighten her hair because she does it really fast. She’s a hair straightening pro. Whenever she was done straightening her hair, it was time to go. Well of course the girls aren’t old enough to drive, and plus they don’t even have a ride to the car show, but they are old enough to ride their bikes. So that is exactly how they are getting to the car show. Jasmines mom and dad weren’t home, but they already know that Jasmine and her friends are going to the car show tonight. So jasmine grabbed her jacket, turned out her bedroom light and said goodbye to her dog Max, then she shut the door and locked it. There are two keys to the house, a key for jasmine and a key for her parents. Jasmine texted her mom and told her that they are on their way to the car show. The girls have their very own bikes, and they all have locks too. The car show isn’t very far from jasmines house, it’s only like 1o minutes away when you’re riding a bike. So the girls finally seen all of the nice and old cars and so they knew that they were finally there, they were out of breathe and their legs hurt. There were some really cool cars there. The girls put their bikes on the bike rack and locked them up. After that, they went to a guy that was selling soda pop, so the girls bought them all some pop. They walked around for a little bit and then Jasmine noticed a really cute boy that was staring her; he was like giving her eye contact and everything. He didn’t even know her but he thought that she was really pretty. Jasmine thought he was really cute too, and she dropped her pop because she was looking back staring at him. Everyone started laughing. Jasmine was embarrassed, but she still went over there and talked to him. She was nervous, but she still talked to him, his name is Josh. So from that point on, jasmine and Josh hung out at the car show. Jasmine asked him what he was doing tomorrow and he said that he was going to meet his sister; Jasmine thought it was cool because she was going to meet her brother tomorrow. But they didn’t think that they were brother and sister. Jasmine had to go, so her and Josh exchanged numbers and they kissed. The next day, the doorbell rang, it was her brother. Whenever Jasmine’s mom opened the door, Josh walked in. She was so embarrassed and started blushing; she felt like crying and ran to the bathroom. Her mom told her to come out and she really didn’t want to but she did. She was so nervous and didn’t know what to do, she was very confused.

The author's comments:
This is a true story. My friend actually did this.

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