The Battle of a Warrior

December 16, 2011
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The warrior is strong as metal. His pants black with purple sparkles. His armor is strong, stiff and purple. His long blonde hair is braided to the side. He runs through the forest swiftly. It’s getting darker and foggy outside. His enemies surround him, he senses them near. He stops, breaths in, smelling the fresh air. Breathing again to calm himself, he realizes it’s time for the battle. He can hear noises of his enemies. He reaches in his bag and grabs his lightsaber. As he flips it open, he hears their loud voices; they’re getting closer and closer. He slowly walks in a circle trying to find the enemies, then a six armed monkey jumps out of the fog in front of him. The monkey was disgusting, he had dirty black hair. The warrior saw that the monkey only had two foam swords. The warrior laughed and said “your foam swords are no match for my lightsaber.” Then the monkey hit the warrior three times but the warrior did nothing but laugh. The warrior swung his lightsaber back and hit the monkey. The monkey fell to the fresh green grass. The warrior laughed and started to walk away but then three more monkeys jumped out from the fog. The brave warrior stopped and stared at the six armed monkeys. The warrior began to laugh even harder. The monkeys were hitting the warrior as hard as they could. The warrior fell to the ground because he was laughing too much. The monkeys had thought they won but the warrior stood up and swung back his lightsaber and hit all three monkeys as hard as he could. The monkeys fell to the ground, the warrior stared into the fog and ran toward home. As soon as he got home he announced at the dinner that he had defeated the four-six armed monkeys. Everyone laughed and finished their dinner.

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