Influence From a Youth

December 16, 2011
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As I sit here writing this essay, I question what it really means to be influenced. If an influential person is just someone who sets an example or serves as a role model, then my deceased grandfather, who taught me to read and write, my uncle, who told me stories of his social work in the Czech Republic, and my kindergarten music teacher from India, who introduced me to the world of music, all fit the definition of an influential person. But, perhaps it is too easy to call these people influential. Perhaps, there is more to an influential person than just setting an example. In saying so, I believe real influence is something that causes inspiration. A real influential person should be someone who who makes you want to do better every day. There is one person in my life who fits that description – my little brother Roshan.

Roshan was born a few months prior to my tenth birthday. Due to our difference in age, I took on a more responsible role in my brother's life, strengthening our ties of love early. It was I who suggested naming my brother “Roshan,” which means “light” or “bright.” It was I who would feed and bathe him when my parents were busy with work. Moreover, it was I who taught him to speak English. As the years passed, Roshan grew to look up to me. However ironically, while I may be a role model to my brother, he is the biggest source of inspiration to me. My brother's influence comes from the fact that he thinks so highly of me. As a result, I never want to let that boy down, or see a look of disappointment on his face.

Perhaps, it is a little egotistical to say I enjoy seeing the look of pride on my brother's face when I tell him I am ranked first in my grade, or how I won a tennis match when I was down a set, or even how I get to tend to patients at the hospital, but the truth is that there is nothing more fulfilling than being the role model of someone who loves you. True to his namesake, Roshan is the light in my life. He inspires me not only to succeed in everything I do, but to do it better than everyone else so I can make him proud. Naturally, we fight. He once ransacked my room because I would not let him change the channel, but at the end of the day we still love each other. Sadly, this is my last year with Roshan before going to college. Even though I will still be able to visit during breaks, I am going to miss a large portion of his life, especially if I pursue a career in medicine. That said, I hope I may give my brother one more reason to admire me – the knowledge of knowing his brother is studying at a prestigious college.

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