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December 16, 2011
By Jahums BRONZE, South Plainfield High School, New Jersey
Jahums BRONZE, South Plainfield High School, New Jersey
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“James doesn’t just think outside the box… he is usually four boxes over from the original box.” This is a quote from my eighth-grade science teacher who figured out how my mind works and appreciated the creativity with which I approached his class. Applying these same traits to all my endeavors, both academic and extracurricular, makes me unique and successful. I devote these talents to the areas most important to me: academics, leadership, and service.

Fortunately, my classmates also understood me well enough to elect me to serve as student council vice-president throughout high school. I gave a new meaning to fundraising, the main responsibility of the office. While the rest of the school sold candy bars and magnets to raise money, I wrote a letter to a local bank. I asked the manager to pay for the prom ticket of any student willing to open an account. My letter was well received and was recently sent to the corporate level for consideration. The proposition appealed to the bank, guaranteeing them new clients at low cost; it appealed to the students as well, giving them the option of a free prom ticket.

In addition, my enthusiasm is infectious. I can rally people for any cause, academic, charitable, or athletic. Through my membership in the Knights of Columbus, National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, the Columbian Squires, and student government, I frequently lead and take part in service and fundraising projects. I helped generate thousands of dollars for charitable causes, I built ramps and other accommodations for the handicapped, and I am working on providing much needed funding for schools in Haiti. I live for problem solving, service, and rallying people for causes.

Academically, my ability to solve problems from many angles helps in most classes, but not all. In math, for example, I often arrive at the correct answer in an unconventional manner. This usually costs me points on tests and quizzes, resulting in a grade that does not reflect my ability. I don’t agree with this method of grading, but it taught me how to stand up for myself through debate and persistence. I had to fight for placement into the school’s most advanced courses because my grades did not accurately reflect my abilities. My success in these classes was a necessary challenge and, along with standardized test scores, proved that I am well qualified for the most rigorous coursework.

Creativity, enthusiasm, and tenacity continue to bring me accomplishments that set me apart from my peers, making me an attractive candidate for college admission. I will bring the same, fierce love of learning, leading and succeeding to the next level. My goal is to use the broader platform in college to continue to serve others and elevate myself to the highest degree.

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This is my personal statement for college applications.

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