Dance Is More Then Just an Art

December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Suddenly, the curtains open and the show has begun.

That’s an amazing feeling when you know your ready to give it all you got and just dance. Calenders have counted down to your big day. The clock backstage ticks away the time you are using to prepare. But time seemed to move too fast.
Many dancers backstage argue about how dance is not a sport or how its just an art. But to me its more then an art, its also a sport. There have been many disagreements over if dance is really what we call a “sport”, or if its just another form of art. But if it was up to most choreographers it would would be both.

Dancers have the same athletic ability and physical fitness level as the people that play sports. Some football players even take ballet to improve their performance. Many football couches even make their players take ballet lessons. Its a well known fact that Lynn Swan, one of the best wide receivers in NFL history who played for the San Fransisco 49ers, took ballet.

As well as other sports, there is competition in dance. There are many conventions held were dancers come to compete. Some competitions are international and are featured on TV-“Americas Best Dance Crew (ABDC)”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, etc. Even outside of the big conventions there are many community competitions. The definition of a sport is simply an athletic activity. If that is true then dance would fall under that category. “Dance is more then an art. its a sport that all can participate in” says choreographer Tiffany Martinez.
People say its not a sport because its creative, the final product is a choice and because each dancer is unique. Is no other sport creative? In football you have to use strategies to beat the other team. Are these strategies not creative? At a baseball game is the outcome of the play not a choice? If you chose to hit the ball or not it is a choice. How you play the sport is a choice. If you say each dancer is unique, is each football player not? From just looking at the players you can tell each has different abilities-strengths and weaknesses.

Dance many be creative but it also is competitive. I can remember when we were young we would argue about who could turn best and who was more flexible, there was always competition. Even if you are not competing there is always some competition between dancers- whether it was between people that you dance with or people from other dance company's. Every dancer knows competition will always be there no matter how hard you try to get better then the rest we all have strengths and weaknesses.
Who is to say whether dance is a sport or an art? I think that its up to each individual dancer to decide what their opinion is. Having dance for 10+ years I feel its as much a sport as it is an art. The physical condition and dedication of a dancer to dance is no different then a sports player has to the game he plays. Because dance is more creative then any other sport, some classify it as an art. But what difference does it make I love to dance!

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