Laught So Hard You'll cry

December 15, 2011
By ShivertheHedgehog BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
ShivertheHedgehog BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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Oh, my gosh! I’ve just read the funniest story in the world. You know how that if you laugh so hard your heart hurts? It’s one of those stories. If I remember right there was this boy. . . . Bill Clayton was his name, well Bill had a secret. Bill told his secret to his parents and the secret was that Bill was a bisexual. Well his parents didn’t judge him or anything. They just went along with it. But wait. . . .It gets better.
So anyway Bill was going to a club after school. On the way to the club, he lost a book that he borrowed from a friend. This guy . . . says in his 20s, said he found the book and told Bill to come to his place to get it. Bill thought it was no problem and went inside. But to his surprise the book was the lease of his worries. 14 year old Bill found out that the guy who help him wanted to rape him. Are you giggling yet?
Time when on and Bill started feeling uncomfortable with his sexual orientation. Kids who start to pick on him and make fun of him. They even started beat him up and his friend Sam leaving them knock out in the hospital one time.
After that Bill decided to come up with anti-hate rally. Leaving Bills father, Alec Clayton, in tears because of the words and courage Bill had. But that still made Bill insecure especially at his school, Olympia High School. Would the bullying and harassment ever stop? Bill finally cracked. On May 8, Bill’s father found that Bill lying unconsciously on the floor. Bill Clayton… took a massively O.D on perception drugs that day.
That’s some gut buster huh…?
Someone dying is always good for a laugh. But I’d like to thanks the people who helped make this possible. The guy who told Bill to come a get a “book” from his house. Nicely done. Too bad the judge didn’t think it was funny. But hey, people in jail might think it’s funny. Sadly Bill couldn’t hear it again after a month.
Also thanks to the guys who used to beat up Bill, you people really deserve a pat-on-the-back for that. I really hope that you got what you really wanted. Because this is the type of gift… you can never give away.
I really hope you’re proud of yourselves….

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