Should Smoking be Banned Forever?

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Why do people smoke if we all know it is bad for you? Smoking is disgusting, and
nobody should do it no matter what the case. It is bad for you and the people surrounding

"Did you know everyone is doing it? Did you know it makes you look cool?" These are
some of the things that draw students into smoking their first cigarette. Every thirteen
seconds one person smokes their first cigarette, one in five are addicted, I very ten
seconds an adult dies from a disease caused by smoking. Did you know that every
cigarette you smoke would take eleven minutes away from your life? Are these the things
people think of before trying it their first time? It is just a pure example of people not
thinking of the consequences before their actions. Smoking can cause lung cancer, heart
disease, emphysema, and plenty more. So why do people continue to do it?

You see people smoking in their car, in their home, outside, inside, it's everywhere. You
know that awful smell that you have after you walk by a smoker? Well just imagine yourself smelling like that all the time and you cannot get rid of it. Smoking does not
only harm the person doing it, but it is harming all other things around them. If a loved
one smokes near you, it never goes away, this is what causes second hand smoking.
Many people in our generation are driven by ego and popularity, some of these things
cause children as young as eleven to begin smoking. Starting around the seventies
smoking became popular to teens around the ages of fifteen to about eighteen. It was just
another thing that everyone did to be "cool", just like teens now are buying incredibly
expensive material things that make him or her "cool" but will soon go out of style. Yet,
back then people had no idea the risks to smoking.

The thing put in cigarettes to keep people addicted, is nicotine. This was put in cigarettes
soon after they began selling. This was when the cigarette market began booming.
Studies say people are more likely to be addicted their first smoke; the drug nicotine
causes this. Which is also what can cause more problems in the future of a smoker. After
your first time, your brain will start to miss the drug and will want more, this is what
causes people to smoke periodically. After cigarette and tobacco companies found the
drug nicotine and the addiction people had to it, they began making more and rising the
prices to ridiculous prices which put a dent in smokers wallets. But do you think the
creators of cigarettes were worried of their buyers' health? Obviously they did not. The
inventors of this harmful product could not give a flying fadoodle about your health, then
only thing they care about is your wealth. All you can do to prevent the addiction of
smoking is to just simply say NO! The first time you are offered 

Yes, it may be hard to say no to your close friends, but is it really worth losing your life over? You don't need to be physically strong or athletic to say no, it just takes a little courage within the heart. Saying no is basically implying that you want to live a long,
healthy, and happy life.

When I think of smoking, I think of three people in my family who smoke and the 1 that
died from a disease caused by it. My grandpa was a regular smoker and died from a heart
attack in his car. Just looking at the three of my grandmas who currently smoke, and two
of who are feeling sick. I don't want to see another tragedy caused by smoking which is
something you can change, it just hurts to know that their life could be different and they
would no longer have to live like this, they need to stop hurting themselves. It hurts to
know that every cigarette is taking off precious moments I could be spending with them.

The odd thing is that smoking does help some people. It gives most people comfort or a
stress reliever. It helps keep them going and awake, but this is what smokers depend on
to get them through their day. Unlike most people their addiction is what keeps them
happy. If smoking was banned, I know many people would be angry about this decision
and might even end in fighting. With just a little help and work from others I know we
could convince all people that they are better off without this horrid addiction and people
would later thank us for this depriving them of smoking.

The author's comments:
This piece is something special to me, most of my grandparents smoke and for them to see this paper is heart wrenching.

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