As a child

December 14, 2011
By Biskit BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
Biskit BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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As a child growing up was many things, I didn’t have all of the friends or teachers I wanted, I didn’t have all of the best lunches, and did not have expensive things. But what I believe I had was the best love in a family that I could. If I look back to my child hood, some people would call my parents anal, or strict, even as far as abusive. And I have to admit I may have agreed sometimes. But is it those things if all they did was minor discipline; by making us play outside or grounding us? No as I look back now I realize they were under high stress and I bet us kids were annoying.
As a child growing up I was raised around siblings, younger and older. A big sister, little brother and I, and we always seemed to some how be united in things we did. Doing things such as cleaning the room, running around the house or even to the extent of my little brother and I playing dress up with my sister and her best friend. As a child life was simple and slow, you had time to think about what is supposed to happen next. Or how you want your day to go. As a child life was so simple but fascinating. Like when parents would make your breakfast lunch and dinner, you played with sticks and paper airplanes and rode bi-cycles all day. If that’s what all the kids did then I was fine with it, and that’s how I’ve grown to be. As a child my life was shaped into who I am today and for that I am proud because no matter what people say or do, the person you are is what your going to be, and as a child I didn’t realize that.

As a child I learned; respect, love, loyalty, manners, and the greatest thing, I learned what love was. And a lot of people may disagree with me but I view love as something tender and cherish able. Love is often and power filled, Love is mom tucking you in at night, love is dad throwing the baseball hours on end even though he hated not throwing hard. Love is being sick and cared for, or having a birthday and your whole family coming just to see you for a few minutes. Love is not forced but it is applied, and it has rubbed in on me.

As a child we all have memories, fears and excitement’s. a lot of kids don’t know how to deal with all of these things at once. And that’s what makes a person, but what shaped a person is how you deal with these. As a child growing up.

The author's comments:
this was a piece that i feel was from the heart and it is how i view my child hood.

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