My Grandpa

December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

My grandpa has had life threatening situations about seven times. He has been in the hospital numerous times. The most recent one was a couple weeks ago when he found out he doesn't have cancer anymore. We always joke about how he has nine lives. He is very inspiring and has always taught me well, especially about sports and life.

My Grandpa Bernie has always been pretty sick. He has had a few different cancers, including lung cancer. Just recently he was in the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. About two weeks ago he found out that the cancer was all gone, and the next day he came home. There was also a time when his nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. Then he had to get what looked like a metal nose to put over his nose. My grandpa is on his third pacemaker right now.

Another thing my grandpa has done is he has taught me a lot about sports. We always go over to their house to watch the Vikings game on Sundays. He teaches me how to play football and baseball. He also teaches me about life, and how to act and do what I want to do. He also taught me how to throw a football and how to hold it. He always comes to my baseball games whenever I have one. He teaches me about sports and life.

My grandpa and I used to play catch a lot. But since hes gotten older, he can’t anymore. Every time we would go over to their house to watch the Vikings game, we would take a break at halftime and go outside to play catch or go down to the river. The river is a really fun place because it’s fun to throw rocks and go tubing. My grandpa always teaches me to cradle the football whenever I catch it so it doesn’t hit the ground. He has taught me how to hold and football and baseball. We have played catch from about when I was two years old from when I was eleven years old.

My grandpa has always been a good grandpa and has always taught me to do the right thing. He is very inspiring and a good teacher. Everything that he has taught me has been really helpful. He teaches me a lot about sports and a lot about life. My grandpa is really fun to be around and I hope it stays that way.

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