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December 1, 2011
By suduko1001 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
suduko1001 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
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Its go time. This is why I am here, why I have not done a good piece of home work in almost a month, why in the past two days I have been up all night. I
am here for the feeling that I have in my soul right now You get this feeling once in your life and then it is gone forever. But to fight to get it back every time you do something amazing. The feeling that you are doing what you love and a destined for. Every person has a specific place were they feel truly relaxed. Where they can go after a long day and feel completely rejuvenated and prepared for any thing. If you asked most people where their little hiding hole of relaxation is placed you may get answers such as their room or for many of the girls in our world they may say the bathroom. My place is nestled high above the Sandra Day O’Connor auditorium in a place known to most people as the booth. To me it is more than that, it is a place of inspiration but also relaxation; a place where I go after a long day and still see the magic of life because it is being shown right in front of me.

As you first enter the door leading to the booth you must ascend the twelve concrete steps softly illuminated by glow tape. For many new members of our tech crew the light of the glow tape is not bright to be their guide up the stairs so they turn to the right and flick the white light switch that has been embedded in a chrome face plate. After you climb the tower of stairs you enter an area about 100 feet in length and only five feet in width. Looking at the wall on your left, you will see a row of light switches and sliders. These are used to bring the lights in the booth to a minimum amount so we can work. Next you may see two tables with a lot of equipment that, unless you have been trained, you will not understand. But an experienced hand can shift and move these sliders and knobs to make great sound effects fill the stage. We the proceed to the sound cabinet we can find miles and miles of microphone wire and many other necessary items that make a good show run.

The true magic of this place is revealed during a show. While the audience is sitting below watching the booth is constantly at work trying to make sure that the play goes smoothly. Lights on boards are blinking and CD players are constantly running. You can hear a stream of talking as the technicians are trying to correct small mistakes that are being made by them and the actors. Most play is a lot of work but the most happens during musicals. Sound technicians must make their way back stage to fix microphones and replace dead batteries.

You become great friends with the people you work with and they learn every thing about you, what you can and can not do, and your fears and joys. This all happens because in order to stay for hours in a small dark place you have to form a connection or we would all go insane. Many actors say that they feel like a family together and the same can be said about our small band of misfits that have made our way to this small community of techs here at SDOHS.

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