Making a CD

December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Did you know over 670 billion CDs have been sold? I plan to make a CD and add to that amount. The main uses for all these CDs are for music and storage. My goal is to make a music CD by myself with me on all instruments. To accomplish my goal, I need to learn more instruments, learn computer software, and then gain publicity.

The first step for me to take is to learn more instruments. I know how to play drums pretty well already, so I don’t have to focus much on them. Learning guitar is going to be my biggest challenge. Even though I can play some basic chords, I need to learn a lot more before I can use it to make a song. Guitar is the backbone of rock music, so it is essential I am able to play it decently. Then, I will learn to play bass. Bass shouldn’t be too hard for me, as it is mostly rhythm. Because I learned drums already I will have no problem with that. Last, I will learn how to play the keyboard. I don’t want to spend too much time trying to perfect it, I just want to get some basic chords and synth behind my music.

Learning about computer software is very important for making a CD by myself. The program I will most likely be using is called Audacity. This program allows me to record my music by simply plugging a microphone into my computer and hitting record. Audacity lets me record in separate tracks and overlap them, so I can have all my instruments playing at the same time. Also, it lets me edit what I have recorded so I can create the sound I want for my CD. Having good quality microphones can also decide the sound of the album. I have been researching microphones for awhile, but I want to make sure I can get the best quality sound for my money.

To gain publicity I will need to do many things. I will start off in school by telling my friends about it, and letting to them listen to it. Just by testing my music on my friends will see if I have created something a person would actually enjoy listening too. Also, I’m in a band, so at our shows I can also promote my CD along with our music. To make my CD appealing, it needs to have a good album cover. I am pretty good at drawing myself, but I want my CD cover to look. A lot of my friends are great artists, so I could ask them if they would like to create an album cover for me. I already have plenty of CDs and CD cases for copies, so I can distribute them when people want them. After the whole process of gaining publicity, I will know a lot about promoting myself.

Through learning instruments, editing, and gaining publicity I will have accomplished my goal. When I have finished the process, I will get that great feeling of, “Hey, I did that myself!” In the end, I will have learned so much that no matter what happens, it would benefit me. With all those CDs out there, it’s easy to get lost. But through working hard, and being creative, I think I can come out on top.

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