The Ideal Teacher

December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

We all have teachers we hate, the ones that teach too fast, give out too many detentions, and the ones who seem to enjoy giving out F’s. However, there are also many positive features of teachers also.
There are many characteristics, about the ideal teacher. However, there are 3 characteristics that apply the most.
The teacher has to make you want to try your hardest in their class. My ideal teacher has my respect, so I always try my hardest because I don’t want to let them down. For some classes if I do not have the respect for the teacher, I just expect them to give me F’s, so I don’t always try. Although in my ideal teacher’s class I always tried my hardest because they had my respect, and my effort to try my hardest. I received an A in their class every quarter.

An ideal teacher should seem like they have a fun life. My teacher did that by talking about funny or exciting things that happened over the weekend. It usually made me laugh, and tune into what she was saying.

The most important characteristic about my ideal teacher is that they teach at a slow pace comprehendible for all students. I’m usually a pretty slow learner, especially in math and science. The ideal teacher would have to go at a pace to try to make sure that all of the students understand what they’re teaching.

On the first day of 8th grade I knew Ms. Davisson would be my favorite teacher. I have no clue why, given the fact we had an assignment on the first day. For some reason I did. It was the only class in my life I never once was bored in.

Even though I believe I’ve already found my ideal teacher, there were still some qualities that she didn’t have that I wish she would have. We all have teachers we hate, but we need to focus on the positive parts. Our time in high school is short; all we can do is make the best of it with great memories and no regrets.

The author's comments:
I hope that we all have an ideal teacher.

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