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My Ideal Teacher

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Most students enjoy having a fun and exciting teacher. This is someone who can make a child laugh and also make them work hard in school. My favorite teacher had those qualities. She made students, including me, very hard working and at the same time she could make the class fun. My ideal teacher would be someone who is spontaneous, has good teaching skills, and a kind tone of voice when they talk.

My ideal teacher needs to be spontaneous. This teacher knows the right time to be exciting or do something out of the ordinary. For example, a teacher isn’t going to jump up and down while the class is silently reading. The right time to do this would be when a student tells them that they got an A on a test. A good teacher should have games that are school related and keeps the class occupied. On holidays, the teacher should give some sort of fun party for the class. They shouldn’t give any homework on these days either. An ideal teacher should always know what they are doing.

My ideal teacher needs to have good teaching skills. I don’t like when teachers do what is called “textbook teaching.” This is when you teach directly from the textbook. It is boring and not a lot of the students are going to enjoy it. Being creative with the way that they teach would be an example of an excellent teacher. An example of being creative is when teachers use stories to teach their lesson for the day. This keeps students focused and on top of things. My ideal teacher has to be careful about when they give out homework. They can’t give out any homework on Wednesdays. It is a church night and most students are probably going to be busy. Also, another time they shouldn’t give out homework on on weekends. By doing this, it would be like giving somebody a couple days off of work. These are some good ideas for my ideal teacher. Another good idea that I would recommend for my ideal teacher is not to yell at their class.

My ideal teacher needs to be using a kind tone of voice when they talk. If a teacher is always sounding mean, the students will become afraid of that certain teacher. Usually, a teacher wants the students to like them and wants to make the students feel comfortable around them. When a teacher is dealing with ungrateful or disruptive students, the teacher should never yell. The teacher just needs to send them to the office. Do not make a scene; there is no point in interrupting the class. An ideal teacher needs to know the right time to raise their voice or whisper. The most important thing is to have a good time with the class and to make them feel welcome!

Everyone has their perfect teacher. Maybe it was an elementary school teacher, high school teacher, or possibly even a college professor. Everyone wants that perfect teacher no matter who that may be. My ideal teacher would be someone who is spontaneous, has good teaching skills, and has a kind tone of voice when they talk. Many students enjoy having a fun and exciting teacher. Why would I want a boring one?

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