Forever in my heart

November 30, 2011
By meggann BRONZE, Hemet, California
meggann BRONZE, Hemet, California
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It is one of the hardest things in life to go through. Knowing I won’t be able to see her or hear her laugh anymore makes each and every day so sad. If I could go back and tell her how much she meant to me I would, yet there is no such thing as a time machine. Day by day, I get a little bit stronger and don’t cry as much. It just doesn’t seem real, I feel like I’ll wake up and it will all just be a big nightmare. There isn’t much good that comes out of something like this, except that I know I have a new guardian angel that is watching over me up there in heaven. She left without saying goodbye, yet I wouldn’t have wanted a goodbye, that is too permanent. It’s not goodbye it’s I’ll see you later, because I know I’ll see her again in heaven someday. And we will be able to talk and talk for hours and catch up on everything going on. Without a doubt in my mind I know I will never forget her, she will always be a part of me. She may not be here physically, but she is here in spirit with me wherever I go. She will never leave me because she will always be in my heart. No matter how much time passes by, I will remember her because she is a person who couldn’t be forgotten. She was the girl in the commons that saw someone crying or having a bad day, and went up to them to see what was wrong and tell them that everything was going to be ok in the end, it may seem hard now but they’ll pull through. And she has a smile and laugh that lit up the room or wherever she was. Thanks to her, they did find that everything was in fact going to be ok, and they will forever remember her in their hearts because she impacted their lives with saying something so simple. This girl is not only a guardian angel to me but to so many others that she touched with her kindness and love. I will miss her terribly, but she will forever be in my heart.

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