January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Butterflies are very majestic, interesting creatures. They are relatively small and feather light insects, that are unique and beautiful in every way, shape, or form. All butterflies flutter around in a zigzag path, making ones eyes follow in curiosity. The beginning stage of a butterfly’s life cycle is in the form of a caterpillar. I find it extremely hard to believe that such an un-delightful, disturbing, creepy little pest could evolve into something as breathtaking and pleasant as a butterfly.

The best thing about butterflies is that each and every one of them is unique. There are many different species, each having their own pattern and wing shape. Usually butterflies are colorful and elegant but others are dark and mysterious. All butterflies give off a positive atmosphere and can instantly brighten ones day.

As a young child my mother would catch butterflies with her fingertips, in the blink of an eye. She would show me the correct way to capture and handle them, and I would soak up as much information as my brain could absorb. After she let go of the butterfly, we would both stand in silence as the beautiful creature fluttered away. It swished side to side as it progressed higher into the air, very gently and quietly. Afterwards, the tips of my mother’s fingers were lightly covered in colorful pigments, which had rubbed off of the butterflies wings. I can honestly say that the butterfly is the most interesting of all insects.

I miss these summer days, I used to spend with my mom. After my childhood days, I feel as though we drifted apart. As we both aged and matured, both of are interests changed, which made us forget the wonderful summer days, we spent out in the fields with the butterflies. Today, my mother and I seldom spend time together but when we do we always have a great time. I would do anything to relive those summer days spent with my mom. But since its not possible to go back and time, Ill just have to deal with the memories that were made, which isn’t a bad bargain at all.

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