My Dad

April 18, 2008
By Brandon Wiseheart, Mt. Washington, KY

My dad has always been my role model. My whole life I’ve been looking up to him. My dad can amaze me with almost anything he does. We’re like brothers. We have just about the exact same personality and interests.

My dad is very athletic, just like me. He is very good at basketball. So when I play him one-on-one, and it’s a close game, it’s like we’re in the NBA (although we’re not as big). He was going to play college football, but couldn’t due to a broken collar bone. My dad also ran track. He’s very fast, just like me. He also played baseball when he was my age. My dad is just like my brother and I. Since my brother plays football with my dad he plays the rest of the sports with me. My dad is the person who first got me interested in sports. Because he was a good athlete, it makes me want to be the best athlete that I can be.

If there was a definition of my dad, one of them would be talented. Singing is one of his best talents. He’s in the church choir and has a lot of solos, duets, trios, and quartets. This has showed me that no matter what else you do, you can be good at anything once you set your mind to it.
In school his specialty was math. He’s the boss at the People’s Bank of Mt. Washington. He really likes his job and has a lot of fun doing it. That shows me that you can be smart and still be athletic. So, just because people call you a nerd or a dork in school doesn’t mean you can’t be athletic.
One thing that I always notice in him is that he has that attitude. Not the bad attitude though. The one where he’s happy no matter what and keeps everyone else happy, too. He doesn’t yell that much except for when we do something really bad. For example, if we break a glass cabinet. Which I did this year on accident. That’s pretty much the only time he yells at us. Since he doesn’t yell at us it helps because then we won’t be as mad at him.

He’s very helpful. He’ll try to help in any way possible. Even if someone doesn’t want any he insists. He helps my brother and me by practicing with us in sports. We race with each other so that I can get faster. He and I play one-on-one basketball. Since my dad is my size I can use my post-up moves on him to try to get around. My family plays baseball in the summer. It’s always my parents vs. my brother, sister, and me. Also, I’m not the only one he helps. He helps my brother with his football. Since my brother is an all-star QB he needs to stay good. This has showed me that my dad can be helpful in almost any way possible.
My dad will also help us with our homework. But mostly math, L.A., and science. For example, the other week he was helping me with my math homework. He was really confused, so he guessed the answers.
A couple of things changed from the end of Oct. through the middle of Nov. in 2007. My dad tore half his calf muscle playing basketball. We were in Twelve Oaks. So, we decided to walk down to the basketball court. He took one shot, ran back the other way, then bent over in pain. So, he’s been on crutches for a while. That shows me that you should never forget to stretch before playing sports.

My dad is the best. He’ll always be there to keep me up when I’m down. I hope I get to be just like him when I grow up. Although, I don’t want to get hurt as much as he does. But, my dad is still very special to me.

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